The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 7-22-14


What’s Wrong with America?

On tonight’s show I will be discussing what I feel is wrong with America, and provide some possible alternatives. Feel free to call in throughout the show to give your input.

Topics will Include: The Economy, Culture, Media, Education, Immigration, Agriculture, Art

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Here is a brief overview Andrew. There are 4 essays on there covering the basics.

Sven Schlongspanks

If you don’t realize that Europeans are the real Israelkikes of the Bible, then you must be pretty dumb.

We whites iz da real Izralites bitch! Doze aaayyrabs dat rote da bible iz jus pretendin 2 b us! We iz da real childrinz of Yahweez! Hearz a vidjo dat proovs it muthafukkas!!!