The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 7-22-14


What’s Wrong with America?

On tonight’s show I will be discussing what I feel is wrong with America, and provide some possible alternatives. Feel free to call in throughout the show to give your input.

Topics will Include: The Economy, Culture, Media, Education, Immigration, Agriculture, Art

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9 years ago

Here is a brief overview Andrew. There are 4 essays on there covering the basics.

Sven Schlongspanks
9 years ago

If you don’t realize that Europeans are the real Israelkikes of the Bible, then you must be pretty dumb.

9 years ago

We whites iz da real Izralites bitch! Doze aaayyrabs dat rote da bible iz jus pretendin 2 b us! We iz da real childrinz of Yahweez! Hearz a vidjo dat proovs it muthafukkas!!!

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