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9 years ago

Great show, great chatroom!

9 years ago

You see it the way I always did. Thanks for exposing the nonsense that is CI.

John Chapter 8
9 years ago

Whoa. Pathetic. I couldn’t stomach listening to more than half this “show”, particularly after that first idiotic caller, vomiting his scatterbrained nonsense, and drawing his absurd conclusions from every piece of garbage he has ever read. You should have cut that idiot off after he started spelling words backward and trying to extrapolate mysticism from them. You demoralize white nationalists and strip them of any hope of uniting against the scourge of civilization, the anti-Christ Jew, when you ridicule true Christianity. There will be no Crusade by the mortal White man against these forces of darkness we’re pitted against, if it’s truly impossible for you to grasp and respect the elemental cultural components of our racial character. What gives you the right to belittle Christianity,… Read more »

The REAL Truth
9 years ago

Hmmm. Who’s REALLY doing the work of the jews – the blatantly non-jewish aryan europeans who want to celebrate the REAL ideologies & culture that the aryan people had for waaaaay more millennia than a mere 2 before they were slaughtered & forced with the threat of death to accept a desert religion OR those who turn away from their REAL culture to worship a desert religion and are led by convicted felon murderers? That’s a tough one…

9 years ago

Fuck “John Chapter 8” and his piece of shit “christ”.

9 years ago

Ridiculing that ridiculous garbage religion, christ insanity, or christardation, is not spitting on the graves of our “christian” forebears, continuing that nonsense would be. We are setting things right and restoring their honor by correcting the path of our race as their descendants.

9 years ago

We don’t need the kike holy rag,it is not of our people today if it ever was, and it is co-opted by the jew. It preaches the gospel of the Jew World Order,poisons our young with nigger-worship, and pollutes our land with all of our non-White “brothers in Christ”.

9 years ago

Varg Vikernes on “The Dark Ages”:

…on “Christians Defending Europe”:

…and, finally, on “The Christian Triumph”

9 years ago

Judaism and Islam practice kosher slaughter. Both are connected to the moon. Both have teamed up for millennium for the destruction of white people. They are one in the same.

Christianity was created/given/forced upon the white European people as an exoteric system of docile/pacifist control; to replace our natural instincts with an unnatural behavior to accept and welcome would be invaders of old as our brothers, neighbors and equals. Depending on which version of the bible and what preacher speaks, you will find jews being elevated to god’s chosen status.

Logic goes out the window with christ insanity

too bad I am preaching to the choir…

Kristians R Whytejoos
9 years ago

Great show Andrew! Thanks 😉

Best thing to do with pathetic christard trolls who belong to insignificant tiny cults led by murderers and criminals ripping off (and on) their own people is to simply ignore them. They will never come to anything or have any effect on anything because there is absolutely no substance to the idiocy they’ve all been programmed with. Yep, just ignore them & scrape them away like the dogshit on the shoe of humanity that they are…

Jorge A. Gracia
9 years ago

There are many reasons to criticize Christianity one reason being its ENDLESS contradictions, Yahweh says in the Ten commandments thou shalt not kill, yet he himself orders the Israelites to commit genocide against many different groups, the Amelek tribe being one, witch begs the question, why did you say this is a rule you shall follow then turn around and order something that goose against your rules? Why couldn’t Yahweh say “Let me say unto you these commandments are for the societies and nations ye shell live under or have dominion over, know here are a new set of commandments I give to thee in times of war against the goyim hhhherrrrr I mean the nations and even among your selves, 1 ye shall not… Read more »

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