The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 8-1-14


On this podcast I will be interviewing Kevin Sommers of The Glaciers March and Renegade Tribune.
We will be talking about the launch of his new forum White Shade Society, and his project to create a white dating website.

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6 years ago

I think it would be wiser to meet people on craigslist or groups & use the letters WG or ? them when meeting the person in person but meeting them for other reasons first.

6 years ago

I’ll state the obvious, the fundamental challenge with the dating site is this: Having a large enough number of women from a wide enough age range and from a large enough array of regions who are pro-White, aware of the site, looking for a relationship, and willing to pay to become members. Best of luck.

6 years ago

Perhaps I missed the explanation but I’m just curious, Kevin, as to the thinking behind the name, how it was thought up and what it means/represents. On another note, cool logo/s, guys, and congratulations on your first site’s launch!

6 years ago

You will be surprised Blut. It’s an urban myth that there are no women in the movement, they just don’t frequently comment. 😉 At the moment the forum membership is even if not tilted toward the female side of things.

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