Revolting Youth w/ Siegfried, Sinead, & Kyle 6-11-13

A special show to discuss the progressive degeneration of humanity, resulting in the sorry state of our youth today. Despite (or because of) the cess pool of our society, some young people are beginning to cut through the crap and rebel against the system. Is there any hope in the restlessness and revolutionary nature of young people around the globe? How is it being channeled away from acting against our enemies in a productive fashion?

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9 years ago

I agree with all of you. The disgusting nature(or rather it is opposite nature) of pop culture has gone off the deep end. I know that Kyle likes to play with words, so I thought I’d point out that up here in French speaking Canada a threesome is called “Menage a Trois”. So maybe the slutty Nikki Minaj chose her stage name for a reason. Nikki Menage a Trois?

9 years ago

Oh, I have one more piece of show related content to add 🙂 I myself have no children, although I have many nieces and nephews. I used to tell them about eating healthy, exercising and not playing too many video games. The response I used to get was less than enthusiastic. I then decided to take a different approach. I started making a point of eating vegetables and exercising in front of them.(push-ups, sit-ups, exercise ball routine etc.) Then one day I walk in the house when my nephew is here and he has his feet on the exercise ball doing push-ups. I can’t believe how well leading by example worked!! I kept my mouth shut and used my actions as an example! More of… Read more »

Reply to  Doyle
9 years ago

Yes, I notice adults emulating my actions often too. When I go to the pool and start swimming laps over and over, it inspires the other guys laying around to jump in and start doing the same.

9 years ago

Excellent show! I wholeheartedly agree that the youth are much more approachable than any other of our folk. I have had great success with my 13 year old nephew who has been very receptive to anything I have to share with him, and surprises me all the time with his own research and insight. He also provides a window into the general population of his peers, and I am happy to know that many others in his age group are looking into this sort of information on their own. I think many of them are aware of the ugly world they will inherit, and are very open to suggestions.

Reply to  Bec
9 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, Bec! Glad you liked the show.

9 years ago

This was a great show!

Hugh W. Mann
6 years ago

This show is even more relevant today.

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