Right Perspective: Blast from the Past – 9/11 & Moon (9-29-17)

Davis plays some of his old interviews with Eric Hufschmid and Ralph René about the topic of 9/11 wherein they look into the evidence of 9/11. The topic of the moon landing is also brought up toward the end.

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Just quick reminder – Eric Hufschmid is a Jew and related to Rupert Murdock. He has later came out outrageous statements in his blog that he likes to sniff his own dirty underwear and went on whole rant about his own bodily secretions…


RE: Pearl Harbor – We have been able to confirm that Japan was ensnared in a trap that was very carefully laid by the United States in order to draw Japan into a war. In fact, America was also being manipulated by Comintern (International Kikery). There are official documents called the Venona Files, which are available on the National Security Agency (NSA) website. The Venona Files are a collection of transmissions between Comintern and agents in the United States, which the United States was monitoring for eight years, from 1940 to 1948. At the time, the Soviets were changing their codes after each message, so the United States could not decipher them. From 1943, right in the middle of the war with Japan, the United… Read more »


For those who don’t know – the Venona files PROVED that KGB KIKES from Russia worked with treasonous KIKES from the US to create World War JEW. The Venona project was “CANCELLED” in 1980 under Reagan. That means that much more damaging material was not decoded. Is the US gov still under the control of the the KGB…now FSB? The Russian Mafia ran Russia then and they run Russia now.

John Smith

I was a big believer in the moon shots and landings. But now I realize some of the things that NASA (Never A Straight Answer) did could be done in a Hollywood studio. Now I believe 90% of the moon events are true and 10% are not true. If the whole moon operations were a fraud, then it was fraud in the trillions of dollars ($$$).


you are wrong IMO and pick another name please #firsties 🙂


I feel the say way bro. I just go by “Bill” but there are many other Bills out there… but I don’t really want to change my name… Should I go by W.W.Bill, WestWorldBill, I don’t know. 🙁


Dumb ass.


Did you mean to say that 90% of the moon events are not true and 10% is true?

John Smith

No, I believe that 90% (such as the moon satellites and pictures) are true. The remaining 10% (such as men on the moon) I have my doubts about. Men on the moon could be staged in a Hollywood studio.