Right Perspective: Decoding the King Kill Ritual (9-8-17)

Davis talks about the JFK killing as a Masonic ritual sacrifice, including discussion of alchemical geography, numerology, word wizardy, mind control, making manifest that is all hidden, the creation and destruction of primordial matter, and the moon landing.

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Really great stuff, good to have you back on the waves.

If you are interested in how Alchemy relates to the degree of freemasonry you should check this video out.


Incredible show! Thanks and keep up the good work with more shows like this.

This is what is going to happen. Please, don’t take this warning lightly

Huge mobilization of FEMA trains will claim you need to be rounded into
their camps “for your own safety” after all these man-made hurricanes.
Internet, tv and every kind of communication will be down and blamed on
the “weather”. Get out of the USA now, or it means jews won again, since
not even those who are supposed to be “aware” of them could escape the
second bolshevik slaughter (1917-2017).

The Bolsheviks disarmed the population before they began their mass murder spree. We have not been disarmed. They have to complete their disarmament plan before they can implement a second slaughter.

Argo Yes I agree, we should all give everything to the jew, just give all our land and creations hand them over nicely wrapped, just in case we find out that all the jew has is tricks and deceit, and we could very easily destroy them. I vote: give to jew, because they are so amazingly powerful and don’t need trillions of dollars to dupe everyone into their slavery.

The US government hasn’t got that kind of power. It just wants you to think it has. It’s bluffing.