Right Perspective: Injecting our Ideas, Exposing the Insanity (5-15-17)

Davis pitches a few of his show ideas, talks about how to inject ideas through creative means, fields a call from John in Canada, talks about the sex trafficking in Israel, foreskin freaks and much more.

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Against the trend, I’ve listened for 40 minutes while working on my bike without finding much to object to.

The host did not appear to lack for simple pro-Whiteness, and did not try to channel simple pro-Whiteness into some ideological system he personally favours but which divides Whites unnecessarily. These are the two main ways pro-White activism is derailed.

This guy. Nothing intelligent to say except making fun of the back fat on black chicks and their hairy areolas. You make no sense dude. It was a very crass show.

Oh yeah..and we should also lie and manipulate like the Jews to get our “aims” met..which this guy learned to do in corporate America..because most people are stupid..great plan. Not.

Had to turn it off after 15 min. Nill content.

In case anyone needs a rest:


C.W. McCall is a tranny. Sorry to burst any bubbles.

OMG Davis said globe.
Burn him at the stake/steak!
Give him his last request first.
Perhaps a veggie burger…:P

Did you run of meds again Leslie?

No did you asshole?
I can’t imagine you would.
You are getting paid so well.

So bitter & delusional. Poor woman…

Lying loser.
I PITY you weenie

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I like pudding and stirring shit. I need a date.

Caution: May cause constipation,nausea,irritability,depression,bitterness and uncontrollable crying. In some cases long term ugliness.If symptoms continue contact your psychologist immediately.

Honest and real would be more accurate.
Save the pity for your lying self

“Honest and real would be more accurate.”
And you have the gall to call other people liars? LOL! No wonder they’re laughing at you & calling you delusional you stupid woman! 😀

“What’s in a name?” Perhaps it is what one is intended to grow into, especially its first syllable which might also be called its primary or cardinal syllable. And, just philosophical speculation here, but possibly there is some sort of consequence if one does not, either by will or negligence, grow into said syllable. It may be that name-holder resonates more with the secondary or subordinate syllable. In current case study one finds that syllable to be “ster,” with an alternate spelling of “stir.” A philologist such as J.R.R. Tolkien might have concluded that this particular minor syllable is more indicative of the sub-conscious nature of the person, whereas the principle syllable is the external or extroverted version. So, and again, just speculating, Tolkien could… Read more »

Good mumbo jumbo.
You are a classic troll.

And you’re a classic fruitcake starting shit for no reason! No wonder everyone gives you crap back you weirdo! 😮

Note to Joyster: I apologize. I woke in the middle of the night, that time of darkness when so much comes to light, and I suffered guilt, realizing I didn’t like how I was engaging on-line. So I’m sorry for how my words may have come across to you. My belief is that real communication comes with an obligation to call out what one sees as false or off. Sometimes that can turn into a case of egos-run-wild (and I tend to like people with healthy egos where their confidence rides high, but not where it needs to lower the other in order to raise itself up). This is not to deflect from the value of good debate or the importance of one’s right to… Read more »


Well, one says what one is compelled to say, beyond that, how it is received is out of one’s hands. I will just add another observation: you have provided great entertainment, yes, along with deep revelation of your particular mind-set.

Don’t bother apologizing to dumpster it doesn’t know how to bury the hatchet.

Thanks, I am beginning to understand.