Right Perspective: The Killing of the King – Continued (9-15-17)

Davis continues talking about how JFK’s assassination appears to actually be an occult judeo-Masonic ritual that had serious psychological ramifications for the country at large, the ripples of which are still being felt today.

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You want to know some shit about the 33rd parallel?
“Betray not my teachings to the men of the north or the men of the south” ~Thoth. Egypt and Maya both share the 33rd parallel. Look into that knowledge.

The satanic movement in Norway some fifteen, twenty years ago, were burning down churches which were hundreds of years old, beautiful structures, which were a part of the Norwegian history and culture. The burning down of these churches were criminal acts. Also, the satanic movement was negatively affecting young Norwegian children. I had an obnoxious neighbour who`se twelve year old played satanic music, and who referred to himself as a “hobby satanist”..

I’m definitely not a “satanist” but I would never shed a tear if I heard of a church burning down regardless of its age or supposed architectural “beauty”. I personally don’t give a fuck how much people think these things are part of “our” history and culture – the fact is they are actually not. Christianity is a foreign mind virus that was injected into the 1000s of years old European culture by force to fulfill an agenda! As much as I’m realistic about the fact that the infected aren’t going to shed it any time soon, the complete demise of this Jewish virus can’t come soon enough for me.

obviously you don`t have a problem with satanism..

Maybe you should try removing the word “obviously” from your vocabulary until you actually know exactly what it means or you actually know something conclusive about the person you are targeting. Most people use a litany of words in everyday language that don’t really mean what they say or say what they mean. It really just reinforces the notion that the majority of people really are just plebs even when they get “awarded” little bits of paper with their name on it that makes them believe otherwise. “Hope”, as Kyle recently highlighted, is but just one of these words as a perfect example. What IS “obvious” is that people who call themselves religious consider “hope” & “faith” as primary tenants of their religion & that… Read more »

Don’t bother casting pearls before swine.

Good call actually Pat. Others may be entertained in the process though so not entirely a waste of my time 😉

It is entertaining 🙂

Isn`t it interesting that there are those who find satanism entertaining

“Isn`t it interesting…blah, blah, blah” Yet more useless words achieving nothing. You need to make better use of your time instead of wasting it away with your total misunderstanding of what’s being said & your misuse of words in attempting to reply to what you think you read Ingrid.

You mean that I should employ words such as “blah! blah! blah! Wot a fucking idiot..

You should’ve just left it alone Ingrid – people can see quite clearly that it’s YOU who looks like the “fucking idiot” after reading through all these comments. And didn’t I see you type a while back that you weren’t ever going to comment here again? Silly woman…

No silly Mary, I said (I was off to Mami`s.. Renegade is represented there too, believe it or not, silly woman..

zadnja beseda ingrid! hočeš večjo lopato? ta luknja izgleda globoko! hahaha!

Haha! You nailed it Victor/Zmagovalec! 😉

Those beautiful cathedrals would have been built even if we hadn’t been infected with the Abrahamic mind virus. They would have just been dedicated to another God or Gods. They are a testament to our ingenuity, creativity and work ethic. They should be respected because they are proof of our superiority, which is why the Jews work to take down all our monuments, cathedrals, etc. because when you want to destroy a people you destroy any trace of their existence. You erase them. We should be trying to win every battle, because that’s just how you win a war.