Right Perspective: Leaps of Logic (6-12-17)

Davis starts off by discussing the absurdity, stupidity, and viciousness of the White Sharia meme, and also discusses Kevin Barrett, an actual White Muslim, and how he presents his “truth” about rational Islam.

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About Nordfront – Scandinavian people are notoriously naive, especially Swedes – probably most naive people on Earth. When people, who hasn’t seen any kind of conflict since times of Charles XII, who lost Great Northern War to Peter The Great in early 1700’s can’t see through warfare of psychological manipulation, is no surprise to me. People have told me that those who escaped from Soviet Union against Stalinist terror to Sweden and described Swedish people horrors, that were going on there, they didn’t believed them. When insisting that it was all true, swedes simply asked: “Why didn’t you called the police?” Nuff said. This not against Swedes, just because people can’t see though deception, means that they are just honest and think of other people… Read more »

By falling for these constant jew diversions, and not defending our precious women, we “men” are just hastening our race’s extermination. We gladly embrace: mgtow, kike sharia, black culture, oestrogen dairy products, comic book heroes. Anything to distract us from the cowards we have all become.

Now is the time for real White men to gain the initiative, call out these controlled opp leaders and groups, and put all of your efforts into nullifying the source – the jews! Our loyal women will still take us back, even after badly letting them down, but ALL White men need to prove themselves now!

Fuck the war god Yahweh, his son, and all his saints and prophets. Forever and ever. May they fail in all their unholy plans, run to their unholy land and drown in the Dead Sea.

“For the German people, it must almost be considered a great good fortune that its period of creeping sickeness was suddenly cut short by so terrible a catastrophe, for otherwise the nation would have gone to the dogs more slowly perhaps, but all the more certainly. The disease would have become chronic, while in the acute form of the collapse it at least became clearly and distinctly recognizable to a considerable number of people. It was no accident that man mastered the plague more easily than tuberculosis.” Hitler, Mein Kampf. The greatest genius of our time, not at all like the judaic and (even worse) Shabbos goy filth of today. What is the answer to combating this virulent, galloping consumption of macroscopic tuberculosis? Supporting Renegade,… Read more »

Davis sounds exactly like a high ranking freemason, here in Iceland. This freemason has influensed many people in Iceland to hate Muslims. I tryed to challenge him and he blocked me instantly.
I want to make it clear that I don’t want to have Muslims in Iceland,because I know people like Davis, freemasons and jews will pit us against each other.

@ 1:52:33 minutes

Thought I was going to hear an intelligent analysis of the white sharia shit, and, possibly of Kevin Barret..

Firstly, the brutal, barbaric mutilation of women`s genitalia is tribal, not religious, and is particular to African countries, as are most of the hordes of dark skinned migrants streaming into Europe to create havoc..

Secondly, Barret is surely entitled to practice any religion he chooses. Also, his recent guest, Maisoon Rice, is Palestinian, and therefore knows, better than most, the atrocities visited upon the people of the Middle East by the jew controlled idiots of the west, refuting the claim rhat Muslims invade other countries..

Nice to read such an intelligent comment; good that there are people out there to remind us of who are mostly invading Europe right now. The ‘clash of civilisations’ (WWIII, which are already into by a number of years) only serves the purposes of Greater Israel and the Torah-Talmudic-Zio JWO.

Thanks Mischling, it is so easy to condemn other victims. Had the same problem with Shaun, when everyone thought the sun shone out of his rear end, and look where that led..

You make a good point Ingrid and I do share your concerns.

Nope. I listened to the show & while I find much of Lurmann’s racial stuff very crass indeed he did actually make some very valid points in regard to muslims & Kevin Barrett. I’ve dealt closely with cucked whites who stick up for muslims & even christian-hating liberals who think the sun shines out of every muslim’s ass so I know a white muslim apologist when I see one! Mischling said …who are mostly invading Europe…. Oh so it’s mostly Africans? Go stand in the center of many English cities & tell me what you see all around you. I’m sure many other European cities are the same. Sure there’s a lot of Africans flooding in now but there’s still also many muslims to add… Read more »

Thought I was…

Pretty obvious you don’t “think”! “Believe” maybe, whine & moan definitely! Why are you here anyway? You said a while back you were done with Renegade. You sound confused or mentally unwell.

If Semitic Jews and Semitic Arabs slaughter each other, that’s quite fine with me! Both are totally EVIL and ANTI-WHITE, and deserve whatever Hell may happen to the whole pack of them!