Right Perspective: Old School Conspiracy Class (9-1-17)

Davis talks about the JFK assassination, Masonic conspiracies, Christianity, the ozone layer, the moon, UFOs, Waco, ritual, and what it was iike researching such topics in the decades before the Internet.

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Pierce Scrim’s insight into the JFK assassination as a psyop template is something I never considered. But it makes so much sense. With the lies and psyops in the USA since the beginning of the 20th century, President Kennedy’s murder might be the major psyop of all. From 1963, the optimism of Americans dropped like a rock to the cynicism I and other Americans are experiencing now. So, I have to ask, “Is everything from domestic policy to foreign policy all psyops (and lies)?” I am skeptical that white Americans have the ability to take back the USA. I think only small pro-white communities will be the way of the future. I think 99% of white Americans are lost to cultural Marxism. The remaining 1%… Read more »
It was definitely a psyop. But, it was more of a huge thing than I believe Pierce is pointing out. If I’m reading what he is stating correctly. That is, I think he is meaning it in the “conspiracy theorist” sort of way. I understand, because I also used to look at it that way; multiple gunmen, Grassy Knoll, etc… You know… What thr kikes call all of us independent researchers. But I don’t see it that way anymore. It was a psyop. But it was a HUGE psyop. Like overthrow the government psyop. If you read White Power (which I highly recommend every White man and woman to do so), in the end of chapter 3, Rockwell brilliantly lays out the facts about the… Read more »

Also on a lighter note, glad to see Davis back. His comedic style was missed during his absence.

And a major psyop it was. People weeping in the streets. Those of other parts of the Western world shocked and lamed. I, an American Dutchman, witnessed the latter in the Netherlands at the time. The psyop succeeded in its goal of regime change and having the populace support war in Communist Far East. All this because of a media-supported staged event, happily repeated in 2001 to prompt the nation to support war in Islamic Middle East. Greater Israel. Quote: “Is everything from domestic policy to foreign policy all psyops (and lies)?” No president, governor or high ranking politician is ever of the people or for the people. He is the willing minion of the ruling criminal elite. The corrupt political agenda is organized down… Read more »
Jewish Civilian Disarmament groups have pursued their agenda at the United Nations since 1995 but were frustrated Ambassador John R. Bolton who single-handedly stopped a U.N. treaty effort in 2001 that would have regulated U.S. civilian firearms. Because Congress and the state legislatures wouldn’t pass Civilian Disarmament – the KIKES decided to get the U.N. to make it a permanent part of its agenda with an aim to make it part of international law. The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was negotiated from 2006, during the Bush administration, through 2013 with the Obama administration. The U.N. Human Rights Commission has already interpreted that civilians possessing arms as a human rights abuse. The treaty is now in effect and the United States has signed it. You are… Read more »

….I’m suh-farrrrrt-y. I’ve always saw Britain as a country of immigrants, my family came to Britain in the 17th century to plunder them, did I mention that I’m overweight and suhhhh-Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt-y? hahahahaa My skin crawls all the way to Californii-eye-aye when I hear that monster start spewing.

Her family were mygrunts.

How most people in 1963 did not recognize the media-supported fakery of Dealey Plaza can be understood. But how those who recognize the media-supported fakery of 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, Nice, Charlottesville, still do not for Dallas is an enigma. The Zapruder film, already a manipulation with its head shot, the footage is an insertion into the Dealey Plaza scenery (as nobody will assume that either the occupants of the limousine were midgets or the bystanders hulks), pointing to the possibility that the motorcade scene was not filmed at the purported location. What we saw of the reality on Elm Street was exactly: nothing. All that existed that day was the Media heavily hyping into the people’s minds that it happened. This, together with a… Read more »

Not to mention the lack of blood

and “god” came down and saw the prostitution in the temple and said, “Thoust art hammering wild women so crawl off her ya greaser, and your punishment shall be, go to all the nations and rob them. Commit crimes untold and then blame the people of that nation. So let it be written, so let it be done……” Translated to English, “Okay boys, screw the goyim on “2”….okayyyy break!” They break huddle. hahhhahaha

I do not believe in “aliens” as they have been portrayed in the media. It is my strong opinion that most of the abductions and sightings are simply MILAB operations and the likes. The Third Reich were developing “flying saucers”, but I seriously doubt the extraterrestrial origin of those ideas and vehicles. Rather than looking to the stars, of which we have been lied to about by NASA (which coincidentally means “to deceive” in Hebrew) I’d suggest looking into other dimensions and the Inner Earth. The Masonic saying “As above, so below” hold a large amount of merit and truthfulness. The Black Sun is not about the solar eclipse or some other abstract idea, it is a real sun. Its rays can be seen in… Read more »