Right Perspective: Reparations, Reconquest and Reality (5-22-17)

Davis speaks on the topic of black claims for reparations, racial realities, the need for an ethnostate of some kind, the threat of being Waco’ed, and much more while taking calls from people such as John in Canada.

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Nobody that listens to this channel gives a fuck about Trump. We know. What happened to Nick Spero? The man! VegiNATOr is kind of Jew looking and after I watched a good amount of his content I think Nick and John have really deep concerns over the matter and the dude is just like most shills on YT. Pretending to be anti-NWO/JWO isn’t unknown to controlled opposition. Now, I don’t think anyone, even a non-Zionist Jew would carry on with the white genocide after doing so much research. I know the Talmudic schools brainwash their students against all non-jews but the VegiNATOr seems to be exposing enough Jewish crime and dysfunction be may be who he says he is. But, Nick brought a lot to… Read more »


I have to agree, he looks a bit like a non homosexual Milo. I am not completely convinced even though I will still reserve judgement. It is a clusterfuck of a situation and it will all come out in the wash, as the adage goes.


As a non-white (not black) I think that you are looking at it the wrong way and this will create more problems if you wish to use history as a guideline. You lot did colonialism and this was a double edge sword for both sides. There had been benefits but those benefits such as technology and a high level of thinking allowed the lower IQ blacks to breed beyond their native carrying capacity. If 20% of non-whites are bright then surely the 80% idiots are going to out-breed us as well and much like Haiti we too will see our ass coming down the line. Compensation is not going to work as they have had more than enough compensation living in a first world country.… Read more »


Colonialism per se, did nothing for Blacks after the motive force (Whites) left. In Africa there are railways and infrastructure decaying, so much for the credibility of our salient Pyramid builders. It is foreign aid and welfare that allows negroids to explode, BUT only because our leaders have been supplanted with usurping, treacherous, leeching kikes that have infiltrated and are syphoning our energy away. Ultimately, it come down to a latent parasite that is using a device (money) to drain energy it would not normally have the means of doing. You have good points but it all again reduces down to kikes and their money scam.


Just like we need to step away from using some of the same terminology of our forebearers and previous leaders (like going under the labels of ‘Nazi’ or followers of Hitler per se,) we need to step away from the idea of using the Constitution as if it pertained or actually served us. I am beginning to think, that if the founders of this country were Freemason’s, if every president since was therefor ”in on it” to some degree, WHAT would make us goy tihnk that our beloved Constitution was written with us in mind, or even written for us? More and more we are seeing the lecherous behavior of satanism and it’s followers being glorified and protected by MSM and ZOG. Why, or what… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Manchester psy-op latest: 22 dead on the 22nd, and on 4th anni of Lee Rigby, well well. Loan “terrorist” blown to smithereens (convenient, just like Dallas). 20k folks there with phones, but no convincing footage. Not sure if Mr Gutjahr got his pics, or wife Einat will be available to develope them back at Israel’s unit 8200 grp. No doubt their daughter will let crazy Clinton know. Trump calls them losers. Who, us Whites Mr Drumpf? More mossad machinations methinks. Good show Davis. I laugh at your jew impressions. You’re like a faster Charles G, but unlike him, i hope you don’t sympathise with blacks, arabs or faggots! PS International Space Station! A fish is to a lake, like an ISS is to the sky.… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

*Lone – make that 69 dammit!


LMAO, the ISS, have you seen the channel that is devoted to it? It starts with an exterior shot of the 17000mph space station. Either that is one fast film crew out there, an ISS selfie stick, or I don’t really buy the whole sham. I can just hear that soap opera jingle when I see the shot before it goes onto the “On board the ISS” yawn. They even cut the footage when the camera man has to move forwards 2 metres into the “bathroom”. LOL what a scam.

Anthony Roberts

I have Sky. That sham cgi bs should get people thinking about all the other nasa deceptions.

And don’t get me started on Major Tom strumming his guitar. What a plonker!


Don’t you know how serious it is for them to have to replace a non functioning Multiplexer Demultiplexer? This is a space emergency worth at least 6 million of taxpayer sheckels and ad revenue from GoPro©!!!

I think we really need to wake up the black community. There needs to be a strong, hard hitting, compilation of all the Jews talking shit about the Blacks (Africans? What did they call themselves before?). The only reparations needed is the entirety of the African continent and its natural resources (minus Egypt and other northern most areas. I feel as though they would destroy all that ancient secret knowledge so it should be protected).


If BIA (blacks in America) want slavery reparations they can go to the ADL and Monsanto.

David Marshal

Black people owe whites reperations. Blacks have destroyed America. We have given them everything- housing, food, education (ahem), affirmative actions, all the fat white chicks from broken homes they can shake their ugly dicks at….All they have given us back is crime and squalor. They can repay whitey by leaving. Time to re-start the ‘Colonization society’ and send them back.