Roundtable: Anti-White Weathermen & Controlled Counterculture (7-27-19)

Kyle and Sinead talk about how The Weather Underground is portrayed as heroic freedom fighters when they were actually jewish terrorists who got away with their crimes. They then get into some current characters who are attempting to steer “the scene” these days.

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You mentioned the, mainly jewish, weather underground terrorist group mentioned wanting to kill white babies. In psalms 137 jews talked about killing babylonian babies. QUOTE: “Daughter Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is the one who repays you according to what you have done to us. 9 Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.” We have two cases here of Jews talking about killing the infants of gentiles who they are scared of. Them talking about killing babylonian infants wasn’t during a time of active warfare, this wasn’t a battlefield situation they were talking about. These jews in babylon were just living there and part of the society, in the same way jews are part of american society.… Read more »

Chris Pollard

I’d really love to hear you guys do an analysis on the jewish/marxist components that make up punk rock’s history, ie people like jello biafra (would LOVE to hear your opinion on him), fat kike-excuse me fat mike, henry rollins, keith morris, maximum rock n roll magazine, mdc, napalm death, anti-flag and how this music has turned generations of youth (including me for a number of years) onto embracing jewish led nihilism, anarchy, degeneracy, and breeding discontent for the sake of discontent.


My uncle was an undergraduate at one of the universities attacked by the weathermen and happened to be in the administration building when they went on a violent rampage there. Up until then he had been somewhat sympathetic to them thinking they were a legitimate anti war movement. He told me how he and others had to barricade themselves inside of an office piling furniture against the door. They were all scared for their lives. He had nothing but contempt for them after that experience.

Johnny Walker Read

Weather Underground Manifest called Prairie Fire


I had a dream last night I was sitting with Kyle and Sinead upon some rocks on a hill, Sinead told me that every so often Ireland summons a tribe of priests into existence on earth from within its DNA, if there is a threat that needs to be dealt with that needs to be addressed with priestcraft(using words to bless or curse). But then the Irish tribe later eliminates this tribe of priests from reproduction because the priest tribe within the Irish community is viewed as a potential threat to the wider community due to their knowledge(especially knowledge of cursing). Yet the priest tribe can withstand the elimination process if they establish themselves as a cohesive unit and prevent the usual process of being… Read more »


A more detailed explanation is explained at this link: and an archive is here: Ireland has a habit of summoning magicians from within their genetic pool into incarnation if there is a need for the use of magick in order to counteract magick used against the Irish, but then according to the dream I had, the Irish then cull those magicians from the gene pool due to fearing their power, only to summon them again in the future if their services are needed. According to the dream though, the magician tribe can withstand the culling process and continue to exist as a reproducing segment of the population if they play their cards right. Jews are a tribe of magicians, and so naturally magicians… Read more »

Juan Betancourt

They Were A Goverment PSY Op.