Roundtable: Being Driven to Succeed (11-23-19)

Kyleand Sinead discuss their thoughts on the political landscape, controlled opp characters, man-children like at “the other network,” raising children right, and much more.

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Use the code “IAMSINEAD” on your next HH order and get a coupon for 100% off since you are actually Sinead. Instant delivery and free shipping!


Haha! Yes, I actually just pretend to have customers and am actually ordering my own products.


Guys I literally just came across this video posted by a Greek user on youtube. It’s exquisitely well done. The artist has gone through Germany and located the exact positions where pictures were created for various NSDAP events. They show the present day landscape and then transition to the event. It’s really inspiring to see this. I thought you all would appreciate this.


I only had time to watch the first 5-10 minutes but it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Anthony Roberts

Until higher-thinking Whites put their children’s future ahead of perceived status and material gain, nothing will change. The mind and body poisons will only get worse.

You both have made that spiritual pledge, even though you have a precious family. All genuine decent people thank you for that. I urge everyone to do more, to stop our obvious genocide.

PS Was that the WTFr “roadshow” semi, cutting you up? Slurp driving his lady jewess. ben wah beads “swinging” from the rearview mirror. Expect a “thelema & jew-sleaze” copycat driving show soon.


Surplus named me as 1 of Sinead’s sock puppet accounts.


Yup. Everyone who doesn’t agree w him is Sinead.


It’s only a matter of time now until Shaun starts thinking “he” is Sinead…


Bita Benwah is now promoting killing and eating cow babies.

A baby is a baby to the parasite infected..
Baby cow, baby lamb, baby kid/goat, human baby..
It all tastes like chicken to them – dead flesh that you have to season heavily to enjoy, or you have to be apart of some (((satanic))) ritual.
Every time I think of the word barbecue, I hear Charles Guiliani reminding me how much yahgay loves the smell of burning flesh.
Then I shudder as I realize the generations of instilled depravity we are living amongst.
Great job (((vampires!)))

Victory will be sweet.


Good to see a fellow White man standing up for what’s right Shaun!

LMFAO!!! 😀

I didn’t post this advert for manlet Slurpuss… Why would I? Nor did I listen to Psycho Shaunny’s shock jock respin of a clip from several years ago, but if someone threatened my child – you can bet I’d sound the same. No one gets off on threatening the lives of children. Did someone use my name? Can Kyle check with the IP address? If I had, I would have written something with it.. Is Shaun that desperate for listeners that he himself actually makes up all these ”sock puppet” accounts, because his content alone cannot keep his network up? I really wouldn’t be surprised. Anyone with an once of discernment can judge for themselves when reading over the sparse commentary on his booze fueled… Read more »

It’s all about distraction and demoralization. That seems to be his job. I wonder, how conscious is he of what he is doing/apart of? I think it is highly likely, that if he isn’t just projecting his own multiple personality disorder, and all the other tactics he accuses Sinead of (and only Sinead, because he is too emotional to speak sensibly with a level headed Man like Kyle), then he is probably being fed what he wants to hear from IDF agents. Maybe they are the one’s who keep sending him ”so many emails” – that he just couldn’t possibly disclose of course.. He’s either getting played pretty hard, and being driven nuts in the process, or he truly is a bat shit crazy degenerate… Read more »


Don’t worry, he says EVERYONE who comments here plus a whole bunch of those different made-up names who comment on his shitty little site is a sock puppet. It’s pretty much just following the formula now of creating the most obnoxious & unhinged “white nationalist” character possible & with this one they’re obviously taking it as far as they can. This “Surplus” is literally a cartoon character created from a long string of extreme clichés that they’ve been developing for a good number of years so that it can play out its full role now. Just look at how all the parts of the character development fit together with all the very public revelations of its background over the years along with the longstanding name… Read more »

With all of his accusations, the burden of proof is on him, to which, he supplies none! lol He really just expects his audience to take his word for it, on everything he says. How demeaning! I can’t imagine what kind of response he is expecting from his followers by reposting Elizabeth and I’s first two comments regarding him, which ironically, makes me think that his few and only commenters, are probably him (lol) or IDF brown nose bots. You would have to be a real freakin’ idiot not to have any curiosity yourself and read the rest of the comment’s, which are all pretty damming. It’s really true, the more he goes on and on about his underlining Mother hatred and ”the other network”,… Read more »


The ringtime will never happen because like everything else that comes out of its mouth it’s all just foul hot air & complete BS. They would never allow the fictitious Surplus character they’ve built up over all these years to be instantly unraveled by a swift defeat in the REAL world by a real person. If you feel like completely wasting away hours of your life just watch as the BS from these losers keeps flowin’ but nothing real ever actually takes place for as long as they keep stringing you along…


Shawn is going full retard over some meth accusations right now…lol


Ponder if you will a hypothetical scenario where a suspected terrorist attack have just taken place. The suspected culprit have been wrestled to the ground by two dutiful Bobbies, but a bystander have taken the murder weapon, a knife which he proudly displays for the convenient cameras as he skip and hoppalong down the road, and no one tries to stop him. A likely scenario?


I tried to warn you about this troll from the get~go…
Guess the cat~room was just an inappropriate forum to do such…
Got me blocked for life, without remedy.
No apologies here.
Well enough, at least I’m still welcome here.
Thanks….. L0VE to Y’all!


Since you have one child, how is another child going to make things worse for you? I’m not buying your logic. Do consider having another one so your son has a sibling for company.


Do consider minding your own business. Unless you’d like to pay for me to take a year off from working so I can dedicate all of my time caring for a newborn. Perhaps you’d also like to do something to ensure these children have a future where they’re not being genocided.