Roundtable: Drew & Kyle – The Menace of Mandatory “Equality” (10-12-19)

Kyle and Drew talk about many issues related to race relations today, focusing primarily on how “equality” these days really just means state-sanctioned discrimination against White people.

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Anthony Roberts

This is why the jewish supremacists devote so much time and money to their controlled opposition groups. Those awakening Whites at that Georgia campus will be directed to trs, fed ice, some insane “neo-nazi” group, or even a mgtow group for “male bonding,” so White women cop the blame, again! Renegade is dangerous for jews, and they know it; but it is vital in the fight-back, as the only genuine White resistance to our genocide.

PS Thanks both for a good discussion. Great to hear from Drew, and i hope he and his family are doing well.


Why is it that these “immigrants” are not staying in their own countries and sorting their own problems out? Odd how they all flood to these “oppressive White privilege nations” in order to “better their lives”? Double standards and psychological warfare anyone?


Also another issue is that jews are still pereceived as White European by the nonWhites. Crafty ol trick there mainly because they think race is “skin deep”. Then again their low IQ won’t let them break out of escape velocity on that note.


I get on very well with racists from other races. The best part is that we can all be straight up about it.


Your computer froze up? Its definitely antisemitique! PS I hope those students didn’t BUY her book before they burned them… That would really be silly.


None of this would be happening if it was not pushed. Drew is on fire in this set. Therapy session here.

6 Million Kvetches

About the KKK, or other similar to it in the reconstruction era there was some real resistance. Killing (mostly black) national guardsmen and things like that. In the 60’s too. Today the KKK is mostly just used to make white racialists look like fools. But you will never convince blacks that da KKK isn’t running everything. Just tell them jews are organ harvesting klansmen if you want to make any headway with them and not as a racialist. There are a handful of blacks who tell them the truth and try to get them to make the distinction but they will listen to everything else they say but discard that part. Telling blacks that jews have a separate agenda is like trying to reason with… Read more »