Roundtable: Fighting Frauds for a Fair Future (12-14-19)

Kyle and Sinead talk about a variety of important current events, issues affecting our people, and alternative media personalities.

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Ragnar Fan

Excellent show- listening at the moment.

Does anyone happen to know the percentage of high level vegan, vegetarian, omnivore and other diet type high level athletes in various sports compared to the general population?

It would be interesting to know if this type of research has been done and if so has it been cross referenced with other factors. For example would vegans / vegetarians be more likely to exercise more in general or drink less alcohol?

Ragnar Fan

Thanks for the link. I’m after any studies on say the percentages of gold medal winners who are vegan vs the non competing general population. Not that it would prove anything either way of course. It would be useful to see it sorted into racial categories as well.


You mean just polling people? Or do you mean actual research like comparing a vegan athlete to a non vegan athlete? They did human research for the film Gamechangers but I don’t think there are any long term studies.