Roundtable: Greetings My Fellow Commenters (4-20-19)

It is the Kyle and Sinead show! Tune in to hear them law into their subversive commenters.

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1 year ago

We do the Oester bunny thing by hiding eggs and gifts in our garden, and this year our neighbours did it for their children, because they saw us doing it last year and we were aware of them clocking onto what we were doing LoL. I could hear them watching last year and trying to be inconspicuos, I have no beef with them ,but it is funny how our traditions catch on.!

I was pleased to know that in a place in Austria they still burn a fire in honour of the Easter festival. WE AINT DEAD! This is still happening, they have not been totally rinsed by the christardian yarway oy vey nonsense.

Reply to  Skalgarir
1 year ago

What’s the fire tradition?

1 year ago

I never get to listen live so I will try to start commenting more.. I know its not meant to be entertaining but you two are funny at times and the levity it much appreciated in all the depressing news. Kyles comment on the guy choosing a staff and only one having one arm sent me reeling in the middle of something I was doing when I ask that before people make jokes like that please warn me-I could injure myself! and the sh*t storm of bots?? omg. These are the reasons no one watches the mainstream media anymore for anything lol.

1 year ago

All the countries in the anglosphere are loaded with controlled opposition(more then other European countries because of Jewish control in the British empire), Canada is no exception and probably the worst because of how strong the melting pot brainwashing is here.

I’m not Anglo so for a long time I didn’t notice it as much(mom is French canadian, dad is from Spain) but realistically up here the only ‘alternative’ media is like… Rebel media?? Lol, maybe jihadwatch too. Both heavily Jewish sites.


1 year ago

End White genocide

Meža Vilks
1 year ago

I immediately butted heads with ‘Botti’, and a few others at the jews bomb Germany article where ‘she’ insists like a full blown retard of blaming the Americans and British people specifically for the hellstorm bombing, but brushed aside the fact that they were duped, lied to and led by jews. ‘She’ was essentially blaming ethnicities/nationalities and not the jew behind the curtain. Since then I never fully trusted ‘her,’ however sincere ‘she’ sounded.

Rangnar Fan
1 year ago

Hi, regarding the Jim How fan club, I was just saying to another commenter that I had downloaded lots of his videos. And I might upload them to bitchute or another site soon. Strange that I can’t find any of his videos now, I wasn’t aware they had been scrubbed.

I agree he was an unkempt man but he was part of my awakening process, and he did talk about lots of things which are true. So maybe he was a weirdo, but I’m not going to judge him. I am just thankful that I saw and saved his videos.

Cheers for your shows, I love them all. I save these too!

Reply to  Rangnar Fan
1 year ago

His videos are still up in many different locations. Here’s a lovely one where the fat slob tries to set us “silly women” straight. I’d advise you to not upload this one, unless you want to scare away more women from our cause. This guy is a huge turn off.

Reply to  Sinny
1 year ago

For me also I wouldn’t have known the truth about AH or NS if it wasn’t for Jim How videos. It was as early as 2012 where he put up those videos, nobody else at that time had even been awakened and mostly still being programmed to daily brainwashing of either hollywood or music industry. He’s called himself a slob, and explained many times the reason why he’s like that. He had his daughters taken away by his psycho abusive ex-wife and had to pay for it. How would you feel if you had children taken away from you. He’s criticised american women, aren’t the points he made valid though? American women are probably a lot more greedy and promiscuous than any other country in… Read more »

Ragnar Fan
Reply to  Sinny
1 year ago

Hi Sinead, I didn’t know about that video, but it seems like he got burned by his wife or something. If a fat woman made videos similar to Jim’s and bagged out men in a couple of them I would have downloaded them too. I understand that some people go through lots of things in life and can get upset. That doesn’t neccessarily void that person’s opinion in other areas. I know your website must have a lot of trolls but I’m not one of them. I don’t have any issues with women, my partner and I are 2 months away from our first (100% White) baby being born. I just found his videos informative, and he also said he had some kind of tick… Read more »

Reply to  Sinny
1 year ago

Most women are good and decent people in my own personal experience, I can’t imagine radical feminists being particularly happy with their lives. Although Jim How is obese and unhygienic, he does have a point as far as the negative aspects of feminism are concerned. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of PMTMR (far from it).

The emancipation of women was certainly good, but having always been a primarily jewish movement, they have always found a way to stir the pot and jewish women are able to effectively blend-in with these third-wave feminists (jews are just that ugly and they tear these women down out of jealousy for what (((they))) can never have for themselves).

Reply to  SnowFlak88
1 year ago

Fuck off to a Black Pigeon Speaks comments section where you belong. At least be smart enough to use different IP’s when you troll.

1 year ago

To explain myself (and my comment you addressed at the end of the show) would require me to reveal way too much “sensitive” information. Believe me, I just wrote it all out.

Maybe I should just say that I’m glad about your encouraging attitude, also what Kyle said about submitting articles for the Tribune.

Reply to  Irmin
1 year ago

I’m not sure what “sensitive” material you would have to reveal to explain how you think condemning animal sacrifice is “stymieing” myself. Sounds like a cop out.

Reply to  Sinny
1 year ago

Ok Sinny, you’ve convinced me. I’m going vegan. I’ll start commenting again when my I’ve regained my hormonal equilibrium.

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