Roundtable: Honk if You Love Subversive Bolsheviks! (5-4-19)

Kyle and Sinead talk about the people who have come and gone over the years and explain why some people are able to stay up on social media and raise funds, while others are completely blacklisted.

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This link comes to mind when Kyle mentioned many blacks not understanding that jews are not White. The black in this video calls the jew a “jewish cracker.”


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I don’t care if people criticize my articles or disagree with me. I didn’t tell anyone to unpublish them. I never asked for any special privileges. I also never said that I thought White people were too stupid to understand that hoaxes and false flags take place. You can go back and read the comment I wrote which you’re rephrasing and you’re getting it just as wrong as the malice quote. Saying some White people are stupid is not even close to saying all White people are stupid. I was talking about the fact that controlled opposition always gathers a certain number of useful idiots who despite causing damage are actually well intentioned and that real people can be driven to the point where they… Read more »

I thought you were leaving, yet you continue to comment.

Jack Duilio

The way you two are acting is too ridiculous to be upsetting. You’re like children. Projecting your own irrational state of mind onto others.