Roundtable: Jokers Are Wild in Clown World (9-28-19)

Kyle and Sinead discuss some current events from the week.

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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

They are priming people to expect another active-shooter event. They have banned “adults” from wearing joker costumes at the screenings, and put the army and lapd on high alert.

The families of the 2012 hoax are upset with this latest violent movie, and have sent Warner Bros a letter. They are urging them to use their (((power))), to lobby for gun reform. What a surprise.

Just to come full ellipse: the original theatre in Aurora, Colorado was called “Century 16.” This comes to 113 in gematria.

PS Thank you both. You are the only non-jokers fighting White genocide.

1 year ago

the latest important interview with Alex Jones

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