Roundtable: MLK Day March for Moloch (1-18-20)

Kyle and Sinead talk about the upcoming gun march in Virginia and how our enemies are trying to spark a civil war and get into some other current events.

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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

I would argue that all Pro-White groups/sites, besides Renegade, are controlled by the jewish supremacists, at this stage. K=11, so KKK are the 33’s or Duke-deo-masons, as the CIA know them. Also, even if Grandpa Lane was legit, which i don’t think he was, his creepy child-rape vibe would be enough to “gatekeep” most decent Whites away. Hey, call yourself jew-news woke? Only missed the mixed jewess bringing down the lubavitch lizards of The Buck house, to distract from Aussie DEW fires, the C-C-China virus or “that little” Iran con-trap. “z” lister Megain even got hubby to tout her “Lying King” talents to the (((disney))) boss. “Ha-jew-na Matata” goyim! PS Great show and parody. Thank you for giving up part of your Saturday evening for… Read more »

11 months ago

Title of ACH’s show from 22 Jan –

“Monika Schaefer – How You Control The Opposition By Becoming The Opposition”

That’s rather telling now isn’t it?!

Reply to  Mary
11 months ago

hahaha wow. So in your face.

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