Roundtable: Nightclub Nationalism (11-9-19)

Kyle and Sinead talk about some issues related to the promotion of drunkenness to the youth and why this is so problematic.

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After listening to a few stories about what being on meth is like from previous addicts, Surplus to me, exhibits all the signs. Hostility and anger funneled in the wrong direction, self absorption to the point of ruined relationships, inability to sleep, hyperfocusing on a subject (the past month the focus of his fury has be RENGRENADE), irritability, other poor choice addictions (alcohol), paranoia, excess energy, a lack of couth, and just bad decisions in general (bringing on Tabitha with absolutely no research into her history, etc)… I can’t see how other listener’s of his show’s wouldn’t be able to see this to, especially after listening to an interview of a 7 year clean previous meth addict. Whether he is on or isn’t, only he… Read more »

I have been pondering cannabis and whether it has to do with White infertility or not, among other things recently. So much of the modern research regarding cannabis and hemp these days is coming out of stolen Palestine, and it is hard to know what is real when it comes to this very controversial plant. I do see that there are medicinal value to both cannabis and hemp, but I am just getting the strangest feelings when it comes to this whole hemp/CBD craze.. (I’m not trying to detract from it’s benefits or HH, in fact, I do recommend topical application for sore muscles post workout, and for all the other things that either plant is good for, I just know that there is a… Read more »


In my neck of the woods the only hemp I see for sale apart from hippy clothing products IS either hemp seed or hemp flour (which is pulverized hemp seed). The availability varies in different parts of the world as in many countries the “drug” cannabis is illegal but the seed products of hemp are not. I use hemp “protein powder” made from seeds (basically just pure crushed seeds) every day as one of the main protein components in my diet.


I don’t recall reading any studies from israel. Can you link some? I tend to lean towards cannabis in it’s unadulterated form not causing infertility. Of course when the government legalizes something it’s for a certain agenda. What I’m noticing is now that medical marijuana is legal here, the dispensaries run out of actual flower really fast and then people are forced to use the extracts. Also, they’re making it very hard for small businesses like us to make our own CBD because we would need to get all of this lab testing. Even though we can make our own CBD easily, we’d have to jump through many hoops to be able to sell it. That’s why we went w HempWorx since they’re a bigger… Read more »

Mary, where are the seeds grown? I buy hemp seeds which I also consume almost daily, see them in stores around me too, but they are always non-organic, and grown in CA. iCAN is building the global cannabis ecosystem ”Israel is doing more research than anywhere else in the world. We have destigmatised and we have an approach to medicalizing cannabis, rather than legalizing cannabis” – Saul Kaye CEO & Founder iCAN Now, just because he says that, doesn’t mean it’s true, and ”medicaizing it” should be translated to ”making the most amount of profit, instead of legalizing it” How Israel Became the Global Leader in Cannabis Research I remember hearing awhile back that because ”pot” was so illegal in the US, that… Read more »


The original powder I used to use was produced by a company making organic & “natural” products but wasn’t organic itself & was produced using “imported seed” so I stopped using that. I’m now trying out an organic “bulk bin” supplier who has organic hemp seed that I think is sourced from Australia but I don’t have that info in front of me atm to verify.

To be clear, by CA, I meant Canada.
I have the hardest time finding organic hemp seeds.
If anyone has any links for bulk buying, that’d be great!
For hemp growers, feminized seeds are $1 each. A half acre can fit more than 1000 plants.
Small scale organic hemp farms (like every other AG product), will be the way of the future.


The meth fueled rants continue.
It’s an interesting theory that makes a lot of sense. He truly believes that anyone who doesnt agree w him or challenges him, is secretly me.


Interesting to hear his “side of the story.” Seems like you triggered him on his “trad beliefs” about women…or something about his aunt? It really all comes down to his own stunted manhood. Manlet-hood. Unresolved abuse in his past? Pretty sad. He’s mixing his personal problems into his narrative of this so called “movement.” I don’t think he’s doing it consciously either. “P.S. Kermit, we Aussies often call women darlin. Sometimes even sweety. So don’t worry wanker boy, I wasn’t about to bang your pet piggy.” He keeps repeating this weird “I wouldn’t sleep with her” or “I don’t want to sleep with her” mantra. It doesn’t have any relevance to anything and yet he’s really fixated on it. Something tells me he wasn’t just… Read more »

Yea, he hates on Sinead like a 6th grade boy hates on the girl he really wishes he could date, but knows ”she’s out of his league”.
Poor guy definitely has Mommy and Daddy issues.
He screams it across the radio waves for pete’s sake!
It’s really no wonder why his ex thinks ”he’s not all there”, and doesn’t want to be around him – ”Put your head through a wall” and ”shit on your face” ? No thanks.

Pretty pathetic how ”his side of the story” boils down to three minutes, and a Sesame Street spin off.


It’s a very unhealthy obsession & decline into total dysfunction & madness being put on public display for all to plainly see. In terms of actual progression in any “movement” Shaun believes he’s involved with he hasn’t realistically brought anything new to the table since his early days on Oracle. Since then he has just repeated the same limited lines with increasing abrasive & abusive delivery over & over & over & over ad nauseum. By his own repeated admission over the years since, he has stated he won’t discuss the historical knowledge or academic arguments anymore as it relates to “the cause” because he’s “done enough of that” & now “it’s up to people to do their own homework”. For years he has been… Read more »

Exactly. A while back I peeked into the TCTA chat. Shield Maiden posted a news article about a White blonde teenager who was murdered by her older black boyfriend somewhere in the South, and made a comment somewhere along the lines of ”I’m so sick of seeing these headlines”. Shaun’s response was – ”Stupid girl. If you live stupid, you die stupid.” My jaw just about dropped at how unbelievably callous one could be, to victim blame a naive, young, now deceased White girl.. and think, he has a daughter? That was when I lost any shred of sympathy I might have had for him, whereas before I may have thought, ”oh well, maybe he’s just another victim of child abuse, acting out”. The dude… Read more »


Precisely, Amber! Victim blaming other Whites has become such a common thing to see on the internet these days. I think in some instances these are agent provocateurs who are actively committing ‘self-sabotage’ of nationalist organizations or media outlets. They try to come off as repulsive to the average person as possible, as to make sure they get no sympathy from the sane population. Of course a teenager can make idiotic decisions and their parents should have taught them to be careful who they associate with, but to say that a innocent young person deserve to have their life stolen from them because of that is how a psychopath would reason. Of course this Shaun person must practically be an angel without a blemish on… Read more »


Shaun had even called this doula from the UK that was being harassed by feminists for saying that only women can have babies, a “stupid feminist bitch” who deserves the hate she’s receiving. Um, what? lol That doesn’t even make sense.

I’m starting to think Mary was/is on to something when it comes to Mr. O’neil being a character, a completely fictitious persona.. Tabitha is a fake. Sledge loves to fake. Like attracts like. Just the first thirty min of his most recent show seems to provide more than enough sound bytes for a ’60 Minutes’ or a ‘Vice’ expose on ”Deranged Whites Down Under”. It’s almost as if he is raging just so Mossad can use the sound clips to present to the world via all of their owned media outlets just how absolutely insane White men are these days. And the constant latching on to Renegade, now with the three of them being ”former host’s”. I understand the anger over the subject matter, but… Read more »


Yep, the more you look at it the more obvious it becomes. Not that I encourage anyone in their right mind to do so for any length of time! I actually feel sorry for the few genuinely gullible mentally challenged followers who believe he’s actually legit. Maybe they’re so mired in their own degeneracy that listening to Shaun somehow makes them feel like they’re at least making a tiny effort to itch the scratch of guilt they have about sitting on their asses while the world burns around them. At least their tiny number demonstrates the reality that he has absolutely no reach with normal, sane, healthy people.


” just how absolutely insane White men are these days.”

There are plenty of insane White women too, though not as many insane White women as there seems to be, nor are there as many insane White men as there seems to be. People tend to notice the negatives more than the positives because the group (people, nation, etc) would be happier and more successful without degenerate people and influences.


BS. I always thought growing up that most people I encountered were actually completely insane to just be believing everything that was being force-fed to them like it was fact ie. “normal”. I actually do think that the figures on who’s insane & who’s “normal” in our world are the complete opposite of what you’re led to believe!


The new “trad” thing is kind of weird and mixes up with that peculiar “White Sharia” thing, but shows there are people who latch onto new trends. There are epople who are more likely to follow the herd than others, at least more traditional beliefs and lifestyles are beginning to regain their popularity in White countries.


It’s just another group-think trap for people who believe they’re being different to everyone else to follow. Just like every other pigeon-hole that was manufactured for every little “rebel” out there. The key word is “follow” & all trends, including this one, are for followers. The key to success is to either get the followers to follow the correct leader & path (quick path) or to get them to understand that they have been lied to all their lives, break free from their mental enslavement & somehow become a TRUE rebel who doesn’t need or adhere to group-think & herd mentality (much slower path). The majority of true rebels who were born that way & have remained so all their lives will never make a… Read more »


In colonial America, the age of consent was 9. TRAD LIFE! “Tradition” doesn’t automatically make something good.


Are you & Kyle “reaping the whirlwind” yet Sinead?! LOL! What a stupid, deluded git this dude is! 😀


What’s the first song played in the beginning? It’s really awesome.

Lasse Gorm Andersen

Heil Fraulein Arika
What country are you from if you don’t mind me asking? Arika is a female name isn’t it?

The song is a remix of a song connected to the german parachute soldiers (fallshirmjäger) from WW2.
“Grün ist unser fallshirm”.
Fallschirmjäger Bass Beats Remix

(I advice you to download it fx. with before it is censored away!!!).

I can also recommend:


“Sieg Heil Victoria”

“På vikingtogt” (wrong translation in the title on youtube) a Norwegian version of ss marschiert in feindesland

“Volk ans gewehr”
my favourite NS song=

“Blutrote Rosen – Max Mensing”

“HU-HA Anitfa”

“Aryan Pride”

“Beowulf & Grendel Ending Music”

If you have some song of your own feel free to post them.

Best Regards! from the only NS in Denmark


I am a bit late to comment but where can I find tabitha’s ” expose” of Sinead ?


Wow that was bad. Definitely no match for how mike sludge supposedly lost 35 pounds by ” cutting out bullshit carbs”.