Roundtable: Not Donating to Dr. Duke is Treason to Your Heritage (8-17-19)

Kyle and Sinead discuss how Dr. David Duke needs< $50,000 or else he will be homeless, costumed bagel "Nazis," the White "supremacist" nuclear terror threat, passing the Epstein Barr, and much more.

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Is “Dr” Duke willing to take money from poor “white people with green teeth”….contact Tom Metzger for more on “Dr” Duke’s pathological aversion to people he’s meant to be representing.


Metzger is a fraud too.


That doesn’t mean he didn’t tell the truth about Duke and his contempt for everything but his own reflection.


Metzger means butcher in German, btw.
Never heard of him before. Found him on frG tv
Do I get this right? He called this woman a German?
Did he say it’s just a business, a racial business?


Pretty sad that there was a time where I liked David Duke quite a bit. Probably up until the Trump campaign(I only really started having my ‘awakening’ around the 2013-14 era or maybe even a bit later).

W/E, hopefully he ends up homeless. Pretty embarrassed I listened to a guy who was name dropped on the Sopranos in like 2002 but I guess we’ve all been there.

Anthony Roberts

So, the three-named rice bomber, known as “Based Matty,” to his FBI handlers, had jew-yorkers boiling with rage. Why would a retarded young White guy, wearing an amazon “PRIME day 2018” t-shirt, push three M.O.A.C’s (mother of all Condoleezzas), down onto the subway? His “44” yr old bro, Jason GRIFFIN (a good “family guy”), is helping “authorities” with his capture. He was last seen at his Uncle Ben’s, apparently.

PS Great convo guys – cheers. They are defo planting the White supes & dirty”nukes” theme. Speaking of dirty Dukes: looks like the botox bummer has more gambling debts to pay-off. Where’s the Klan when you neeeeed ’em?


Just like Alex Jonestein, who used to have his “money bombs” every few months, yet cleared 7 1/2 MILLION dollars/yr from his INFOWHORES empire. Or Luke Rudkowski who spent all his We Aren’t Change INC. donations at the bars and for his college tuition.


I listened to many David Duke’s radio shows, read his books. But I ceased to be his fan since the time of his fawning on Trump. Still, I think Duke made a valuable contribution to the White Nati movement and has his niche in it. Instead of mud slinging and targeting Duke, people in comments would do better to tackle such Zios like Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton.


How dare we “sling mud” at a dude that was instrumental in the biggest demonization of pro White psy op a.k.a Charlottesville. Thanks to him and his buddies such as Kike Enoch, we are now all labeled terrorists. I agree with Kyle. You sound like Duke hasbara.


Duke has been an anti-White subversive from the start. He has contributed less than nothing to WN.


You guys don’t have to post this. I know you’re secretly bathhouse fans. I’m going to have to get Major Hicks’ take on the show and bashing the NSM, but it would be wise to make a .onion website too like the dailynigger. They are controlled opposition but still nobody wants to host them and you can expect censorship to continue to get worse, especially if Trump is re-elected all the while the dumb republican whiggers celebrate him fighting political correctness. Under Trump American based social media in has become a part of the government’s propaganda arm. You can host it on your own computer. If you designed all of this you will figure it out. It’s easiest on Ubuntu if you just have a… Read more »


Dr Duke is the most prominent White Nationalist today and I do support him financially BUT these types of antics seem slightly sleazy….


Why would you support someone as detrimental and subversive to our struggle as David Duke? Very sketchy.


Serious question: I’ve only just d/l’ed the episode and probably won’t finish it tonight. Why is he subversive? I know he’s lived off of campaign and other donations. I also know that he supported Trump, but who is to say he wasn’t taken in like so many others were? At the risk of being hated, I read his books “The Secret Behind Communism” (hint: Jews) and “Jewish Supremacy” (hint: Jews) and thought they were both excellent.


How about you explain EXACTLY how David is “detrimental and sketchy” to WNs? aside from some occasional petty fundraising crap….Nasty Sinead here has appeared on his show as recent as 2 years ago….


Yeah man! Telling people it was treason to their race not to support a bolshevik jew is so helpful.


Let’s start with his infatuation with Donald Trump during the campaign trail and the years since. We are looking at a man who is quite possibly the most Jew-friendly president in our nation’s history. Duke is quoted as saying that if you do not vote for Donald Trump, then you’re a traitor to your race. Trump has done nothing beneficial for white Americans yet DavidDuke sings the man’s praises as if he lifted us from our Kewish oppressors. Trump’s whole agenda is Israel First, yet Duke still continues to shill for him. He then switches gears and shills for non-White Tulsi Gabbard who is known to be associated with the Hare Krishna cult, among her other many faults. Now, Duke has a history of taking… Read more »


“Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke” is some kind of multi-generational mk trigger phrase, seeded from way back and brought out at strategic moments. I remember that sinking feeling when he popped up in MSM during the election of the zog emperor. It’s horrible to live in a socially engineered society and watch everyone react.


How is it a trigger phrase? So Duke is not a former “KKK Grand Wizard”? It sounds like you’re the one being “triggered” to defend his actions.


Is this “Jessica Alba is my home girl” Sean from Cali?


Not at all, it’s just that MSM emerged out of psy-war departments, and they use phrases (and even ‘personalities’) as tools to shape their agenda. That’s one of the more obvious ones in my opinion.