Roundtable: Opposing Enemy Agents and Their Agendas (2-23-19)

Kyle and Sinead get together for an hour to go over some current events, personal experiences, and recent developments in the world of controlled opposition.

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‘When Henry Ford printed the articles known as the International Jew, the Talmudists went into hysteria. If you are interested in the gloatings of how Ford was brought to his knees, presumably, and made to publicly apologize, one interesting source is Volume I of ”LOUIS MARSHALL – Champion of Liberty. – Selected Papers and Addresses,” put out by the Jewish Publication Society of America in 1957” from page 18 of The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion ”Killed” Again by Miss Elizabeth Dilling She goes on to write how ”the jews had driven Ford off the road in his car in an effort to kill him and how his wife had pleaded with him to cease his jewish exposures and live for her sake.… Read more »


Ford’s “apology” signature was forged, and this is only one source. So Ford writes two volumes on the subject and then decides he’s wrong. WRONG!

“Mr. Smith, my apology for publishing “The International Jew” was given great publicity, but I did not sign that apology. It was signed by Harry Bennett.”


I wouldn’t doubt that that would be the case. It doesn’t make any sense that Ford flipped, other than his life and family were threatened. Maybe he was sexually blackmailed as is so common in jewish tyrannical control, or maybe it was simpler than that.. we will probably never know. It is deeply disturbing how the Ford Foundation has now been turned into an arm of white genocide, and how he sold out for sheckles (it seems) in WWII and set up the Soviet Jewnion with not only the assembly line mega production factories in Russia, but the Ford company also shipped 500+ Detroit employees and their families to help in the set up and over sight of said factories. There is a book (written… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Happy 99th birthday to the true “greatest generation” who founded NSDAP today. May your bravery and light inspire us to free ourselves and help humani, no wait, just kidding, happy LTTj day everybody (love, trust and thank the jews). They’ve allowed four generations of Whites to “live” and degenerate as zombie slaves. We couldn’t have it any better, could we? Yay-gay LTTj day!

PS Another superb effort guys. I think the hour format is the sweetspot for me. It frees up more precious time for you both, and enough time to get the vital “White genocide” message out. It fits with peoples’ busy slave lives with their (engineered) shorter attention span too – LTTj !


@51:00 I can attest to this. Although I’m very light skinned and can easily pass as your average white person, I have a Spanish a name and cannot escape the hispanic half of me. I feel more kinship with white people and I have no love for my hispanic “heritage”. I am in the position to be able to see both worlds, but I’ll never be fully embraced by both either of them.

Juan Betancourt

You Need To Break Down The Jan Irvin Nonsense. Jaaaan Irvin …. Personality Challenged


The bikes are loud for safety reasons. This is why police are more lenient with them than other motor vehicles with noise violations. Basically if you at least have one baffle in the muffler they’ll let you go. I don’t care if people want to listen to Rap Music in their private lives. But playing that music when you’re wearing your colors is a cuck move no matter how you try to spin it. All I can say is I don’t see that among the bikers in my area.


What is the point of thumbing someone down if you don’t elaborate? Do you think I’m a WigNat because I’m indifferent to people’s personal taste in music? Are you a WigNat because you like to see White bikers “representen”? Maybe you don’t like loud bikes? How would I know? Here’s my advice to dealing with trolls and haters: When someone hates you for no reason; give that Mother Fucker a reason!

Blasting everyones ear drums is so safe!


The bikes are loud because some people like the sound of loud bikes. Safety is a secondary concern. They can help safety wise but don’t need to be as loud as many Harley/cruiser riders like to have them. At the end of the day if your riding strategy involves drivers hearing or seeing you when you’re on the bike then you’re doing it all wrong.


Just to elaborate I downvoted your comments just because it triggers you.


@WhiteWolf – I upvoted your comment not only because I agree with you on motorcycles, but also for triggering that tard.


The sound of bikes are just as annoying to me as some rap music base vibrating through my windows. I get it. However the latter is to show off and the former is to prevent the rider from being turned into hamburger. If people see or hear you then you’re doing it RIGHT! I wasn’t triggered with emotion; more so frustrated that people would rather tear some one down than build them up with constructive criticism. You usually give thoughtful comments. I’m surprised.


Pretty sure horns were invented for a reason, Tony. I think you’re the one not giving it enough thought here.


Obviously the motives of individual bikers to have loud bikes can only be determined on a case by case basis. I just wanted to point out that because bikes are not as large and therefore not as visible as other automobiles it is common practice to compensate by having a loud bike. When I said that he usually gives thoughtful comments, I wasn’t trying to imply that his argument was invalid. I was surprised that he would rather “trigger” someone than reason with them. The error was mine for not making that clear.


The downvotes were half joking but should not persuade you either way. The most effective way to avoid getting hit by cars when on a bike is to consider yourself totally invisible while riding. When you actually apply that mindset you’ll be riding slower when cars could pull out in front of you and faster when there’s little or no chance of cars surprising you. Plus your life will be in your hands and not relying on the ability of drivers to hear or see you. Loud pipes won’t save you from deaf drivers or people listening to their music really loud. It won’t save you from drunk or drugged up drivers or just plain incompetent drivers. They can help but assuming you’re invisible and… Read more »


I agree. To be honest I don’t like bikes. I think they’re suicide machines. Of all the horrific things that happen on this planet, most of which are in nonwhite countries I might add, motorcycle accidents are the most gruesome. On the other hand I admire that community. Most of them are White and they ride White, If a race war were to kick off, I have far more confidence in them than rest of our population at large.

News flash: The race war has been going on for decades. I see no bikers standing up for White children but I do see them standing up for Trump.


I’m not up to speed with the charities and political activities of bikers. Nor do I have the time to research it. If you don’t like bikers it’s not for me to dissuade you. I do wonder why you seem to be so willing to write people off for supporting Trump. What do we do with all of our people who literally wept when Hillary lost? Or how about those who wanted Bernie an open Communist Jew to rule over us? You know better than anyone that the masses are caught up in this false dichotomy. I agree that we should hold ALL of our leaders accountable BECAUSE we want to get the correct message to the masses. This is a sincere question. I don’t… Read more »


The question is what do we do with Whites who vote full stop.

Blacks only vote for people who openly advocate for Blacks.

Jews only vote for people who openly advocate for Jews(like Trump).

Hispanics only vote for people who openly advocate for Hispanics

Whites vote for people who …?

If they won’t even mention Whites they sure as hell won’t represent them in any way. Trump made sure to ignore them in the sotu even though they are vast majority of his base.


Please explain what you mean by voting full stop. You are correct. All other groups are for the most part unified voting blocks. We are the only ones foolish enough to divide ourselves as Commander Rockwell would say. When I speak to Trump supporters and tell them I don’t like him, I have to show them that I have their best interests and he doesn’t. When I tell liberals I don’t like Trump, I have to explain that I am in no way in agreement with there agenda. In conclusion my experience has show me that Liberals are more open to criticism of Israel (not Jews). And Conservatives are more open to pro Western/White messages. However there are exceptions. NOT ALLLLL. Ether way we have… Read more »