Roundtable: Opposing White Genocide is Terrorism (8-3-19)

Kyle and Sinead talks about some important issues, such as shooting psyops, the invasion of the US, investigating conspiracy theorists, and much more.


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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

I saw the “active actor’s” name and thought:
PaTRICK – Another dupe from jews.

CRUise – as in the missile the jews will fire at us to blame Iran/Russ/NK.

SirIUS – as in the “dog” star that rises over San Fran on Aug 8th – 88.

Walmart is “88” in jew-matria.
From Trump touching the “only wall that matters” to Aug 11th, is 811 days.

PS Thanks for another good convo, guys. Be careful and stay safe next weekend – 10th/11th. The jewlamic worlds meet with tisha b’av and eid al-adha. Things could get pretty “sirius.”

Anthony Roberts
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

Update: you know the drill. Anudda shootist shoah in Dayton, Ohio. Actor wearing black armour and ear protection (gov’t health & safety laws lol), “kills” nine with an AR-15, which is a “.223” calibre weapon. A skull & bones pressie on Oh Bummer’s African birthday?

1 year ago

This is a link to the German news site ‘Der Spiegel’ on the latest jewtings. I think the picture speaks for itself…..just insane !

1 year ago

Guess (((who))) is responsible for this?
See the answer here –

1 year ago

….. On shooting psyops, Here is a podcast regarding the recent Texas Walmart (MartLaw – Martial Law) shooting hoax.

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