Roundtable: Shillin’ Like a Villain (6-1-19)

Kyle and Sinead start out the show talking about Heathen Herbs, Heathen Vegan on Red Ice again, Black Pigeon Speaks and his love for Morrissey, Joe Rogan and the fleshlight, Alex Jones and his t-babes, the little boy Soph, and more. They also speak to Tabitha and Austin about issues like Bildeberg, Bohemian Grove, burning man, and the falsification of our reality.

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1 year ago

An interesting piece of symbolism in regards to bowties:
The Bowtie has always been associated with fine clothing. When ones attire is immaculate he puts a bowtie on in contrast to a regular tie. That being said, The Nation of Islam has always expressed that same decorum. Also, the bowtie to the members takes on a symbolic nature. The bowtie represents a transformation being because of its resemblance to a butterfly and knowledge due to its resemblance of an open book. It must be noted that it is mandatory dress attire for said members, who must have the appearance of such a clean look.

Also, the bowtie has become a symbol of homosexuality:

1 year ago

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Reply to  golmash
1 year ago

Cool poster but American Vanguard is controlled opposition.

1 year ago

I’ve never looked up soph and didn’t know ‘it’ existed until you mentioned and played the recording on your show on friday.

When you played the recording I thought that was a boy for sure though.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

i remember back in the day, ALL of the “truth” movement covered issues like 9/11, bilderberg, bohemian grove, ancient mystery religions, etc… now its cricket silence. They are all basically republican trumpsters now. Damn shame. we were making progress until they all sold out under trump. Even Alex Jones was putting out 90% truth back then…

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