Roundtable: Something of a Solstice Celebration (12-21-19)

Kyle and Sinead talk about the season and oh so much more.

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I get the sense that all of these ascension predictions are a psyop to keep the “awakened” people in a constant sense of false hope. But this one was extra weird though. “Aurora borealis disintigrating the matrix and the 144k living souls will wake up at the north pole in their “real” elf bodies”. It was scary to see how brainwashed and cult-mentality people became with all of that. But I think that was one of Devins main goals all along; to become a cult leader “guru” type. I’m sure they’ll all come up with a new date to focus on though.


Goddamn, you two should check out some of the suburban towns north of Anchorage, Alaska, you would love it!


You two sound healthy. Why not provide the viewers with some details of what you eat on a daily basis?


We’ve done many shows on what we eat.