Roundtable: Talking Traitors and Terrible Talmudists (5-18-19)

Kyle discusses a number of current events, such as Jan Irvin shilling hard for jewish supremacists, other controlled opposition assets and their tactics, the persistent promotion of sodomites, BDS and Eurovision, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

The jewish supremacists have an arsenal of “scripted” homo-heroes for us this summer. You have the Charles freak for teens; the fake shooting of Irish reporter lesbo-Lyra, for the Uni crowd; Butt-igieg for the political ass-tute, Freddie and Elton for the saggy old faggots, and finally, the Dutch guy who won jurovision may be normal, but his song & vid were homoeroticized by our masters in tel afib. The Elton rocketman film is also timed to reinforce the moon landing nonsense in the minds of our gullible.

PS It must be hard to get the enthusiasm to do a show after such a awful week, so thank you both, and there will be better weeks and times ahead.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Your great Anthony, I just had to say. Thanks for sharing 🙂

5 years ago

Of all the red flags surrounding Adam Green, and there are many, the most bizarre is that he was granted entry into Israel as recently as a few months ago. Perhaps the customs agent took one look at him and said, “Shalom, law of return!”

5 years ago

I have the symptoms to its related to Chemtrails:
look at the list here:

Ailment List:

Buy this one I use et every day : no problems with it, fast to.

Download This:
Set it to full speed for windows

Arnold admitted in “pumping iron” movie, he looked up to Adolf Hitler and men with power, his point of view was cut off in the movie, it can be found:

Reply to  Deamon
5 years ago

Those chemtrail symptoms are frikkin’ scary, and so pervasive. Cell towers, too. No where to run, no where to hide.


Reply to  Elizabeth
5 years ago

I just found out yesterday that they spray petroleum in the sky.
I will find the link later with photo from countries in Europa

5 years ago

Sinead, you mentioned teeth sensitivity, and this is only my experience with it, but what I’ve found is that sweets affect tooth sensitivity. Any sweets, be they candy, fruit, dried fruit, fruit juice or even alcohol. Of course we know fruit is good for us, but in terms of sweets, how much and in what combination with other things? These are energy producing, so if the body isn’t burnin’ the energy off with work or exercise, that becomes excess energy and can show up in teeth or in heartbeat speeding up. My remedy is to always make sure if I have big doses of anything sweet, I have to increase my water intake to dilute the sugars. If I don’t do this, I get jumping… Read more »

Reply to  Elizabeth
5 years ago

This was only happening when I was feeling “icky’ and could tell that my body was fighting something off. It had to do with my sinuses I think.

Reply to  Sinead
5 years ago

Okay. And glad it’s over.

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