Roundtable: Tea Spill for the Trad Shill (8-24-19)

Kyle and Sinead talk about some important issues, such as how families are targeted by ZOG, the meninist mindset, the importance of being physically fit and knowing self-defense, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts

It’s great how you both tie everything together. The lack of basic life skills being taught to children, and the resulting disfunctionality that then follows us all into adulthood. Both genders blame each, and never see the jewish hand behind this planned genocide. Keep your children away from their mind and body poisons!

PS Tea for two – thank you! Just dont red (s)pill me on both Boston deceptions. I would need a cuppa after that taxing marathon.


thanks for the show. just wanted to say after taking a shower it’s a good time to apply coconut oil to the skin since the skin’s natual oil called sebum that keeps bacteria and other airborne elements from entering the skin is absent


Or better yet, apply some magnesium butter from Heathen Herbs! That’s what I like to do. 😉