Roundtable: Warlocks, War Hawks and Chicken Hawks (1-4-20)

Kyle and Sinead discuss the ZOG emperor’s attack on Iran and what it might entail, the sick subversives of the “dissident right,” and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
9 months ago

Speaking of (((Pepe))), on “New” year’s Eve, jewgle had their “Froggy the weather frog,” masonically winking as he watches explosions over two coastlines. The ground of each look like a grey missile or sub. SF & NYC? I agree with Sinead. Lower IQ blacks just see jews as weak “cracka’s” in fancy dress, so would prey on them anyway. Most of these latest “attacks” are staged to consolidate their (((victimhood))) status, and ramp up the civil war agenda. SOL invictus supposedly arrested and SOLeimani supposedly “droned.” Some kind of Sun ritual mockery? These jews/agent heroes are probably sat on a beautiful beach with Epstein, Williams and Prince! Nice work if….. PS Another poor black “Jessie,” aged (((33))), was attacked by two White dudes in Palm… Read more »

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