Roundup: Cannibal Craziness, Civil War, and Sick Sodomites (5-1-20)

Kyle and Sinead go over some recent news, like Alex Jones wanting to eat his neighbors, jews being warned about civil war, and the Millennial Woes debacle.

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Robert Heimdal

Kuru-navirus season for Jonestein. I just watched the video posted by vilemonkey.
The worrying thing is that some “people” would/will probably follow suit.

‘Alex Jones Wants to Eat His Neighbor’ (May 1, 2020)

Robert Heimdal

Just in case people thought slaughterhouses were not inhuman enough. What’s next to be slaughtered? humans themselves?:

‘Slaughterhouses Robots Ease Labor and Health Woes, JBS Says (1)’ (May 1, 2020) by Bloomberg Law


Wikileaks has dumped all their files online… Everything from H Clinton’s emails, McCanns being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, Podesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO Pandemic Preparedness document (from 2009), – SO much data!!! Start searching and see for yourselves… #TheTruthWillOut


Dead man’s trigger, maybe?


Bet you anything there’s not a single line in any of it that say’s “it’s the jews” :/