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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

This really is shekeltime city for jewish supremacists and their agents. Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg and all the psycho’s are “ca-ching ca-ching o’ covids” at present. Remember also: ‘the shills have lies’ and they will always slip in a christard prayer, ‘nazi’ reference or those ‘orrible satanic pagans who control everything. It’s never jews or their proxies with these so-called ‘troofers!’ Ratchet up your Aryan discernment.

P.S. No, there is only one genuine cure for all this madness, and that is the site you are currently logged onto. Truth, ideas and action. Use your energy, time and limited funds wisely, at the best NS block party in town.

Robert Heimdal
1 year ago

“United Nations New World Order” website (yes, it’s not fake). They talk about “sustainable Development by 2030, the happiness, well-being, freedom of all life on Earth by 2050” and “happytalism” (check that word). “A global initiative led by Jayme Ilien and Ndaba Mandela” (they have removed this last piece of info from the website though, I wonder why):

Good podcast Kyle and Sinead. I’m really sorry you are living in such a literal urban jungle.

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