Roundup: Keep on Hockin’ in the Free World (3-7-20)

Kyle talks about the top stories on the Tribune, the Coronavirus (whatever it may really be) spreading to Congressmen at AIPAC, Donald’s downplaying, censorship intensifying, jews kvetching, and so much more.

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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

How can anybody prove that this is not just the “normal” flu season? I agree, Kyle – total psy-op. We were told 56k people died as a result of flu in America, last year. As i write this, there are 381 cases and 19 deaths in the U.S, if you believe the jewish supremacist media. Hellppppp – must fight an obese dindu for the last 27-pack of toilet paper! Imo, they are using Covert-19 to mask any 5G symptoms, blame the “pandemic” for the coming ponzi stock market crash, and to collapse White industries further. Also, it is easier to hide the truth and control your spooked cattle when they are isolated, vaccinated and working from home. PS The best way to remove an infectious… Read more »

4 years ago

Twitter = Yidder

Reply to  Bud K Abbott
4 years ago

The date this Friday might even be relevant. It’s both a Black Friday & numbers using simple gamatria add up to 11. Friday 13 March 2020 – 13-3-2020 = 4+3+4 = 11. Let’s see what happens…

Bud K Abbott
4 years ago
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