Roundup: Positively False News (3-14-20)

Kyle goes over some of the recent developments with the “state of emergency” being rolled out and what it all means.

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Spot on Kyle! And another BRAVO! There will be great havoc in the wake of this. I see this a total reset event. Sickening….Do stock food though (especially grains) because I think that food shortages are coming. Again, hat tip!


UJG, will you ever do another show? I really miss your comments and observations.

Anthony Roberts

It’s a PLANNEDEMIC!!! Gods damn it, someone beat me to that quip. I must be coming down with something. The most common sense i’ve heard since…..your last show, Kyle.

Could this be a way of neutralizing the gun threat, to them? By poison-vaccinating the military fighting men, the doctors, nurses, engineers, emergency workers, they will be incapacitating the (so called) higher IQ White folk. Just a thought.

PS They are even duping us, spiritual heathens, over the Spring Equinox date. Check your Sunrise/Sunset (it doesn’t rise or set) times in your area. Find the day that has roughly 12 hours of equal day and night, within a few seconds. It will be 1-4 days out from the (((official))) date. Happy Ostara everyone!

Robert Turner

I can’t agree enough with every exasperated apocalyptic revelation. I remind myself to breathe.

Neil Haworth

This is the third corona after SARS and MERS. H1N1 has infected over 1 billion people and killed close to 300 thousand worldwide. Is this virus really much different from the other ones? Are we going over react every time we have new flu outbreak from now on?

Whether it’s a hoax or not these measures taken globally to stop the spreading of the virus are an excuse for more goverment control. China’s ditactoship has become way more authoritarian after this event and some countries are even passing new legislation to punish people if they disobey quarantine.

Robert Heimdal

They can take the common ever-mutating “annual flu” and call it anything else, from “coronavirus” to any other masonic name. It’s all about fear-porn and control of the goyim-sheeple.

‘Corona Virus 101 for Stupid People (Using the basics of Logic & Deductive Reasoning)’

Bud K Abbott
Robert Heimdal

This NewsPunch website is trash, but I assume these are not fake news:

‘While Everyone Was Talking About Coronavirus, Trump Takes Out Iranian Military Commander’ (March 14, 2020)

Bud K Abbott

They shorted the market yes , yet … their always pushing the profit motive & some of us know that its always been about exploiting /eliminating the White race .

Bud K Abbott

New Rochelle , now this bs . Their pushing the ex sampler of normalizing the leviathans criminal deception i.e. planned genocide on the feeble sheeple . We should all be hostage to the same (((criminals))) that masterminded 911 ,problem is… where are the authority’s the so called good guys that usually prevail in one of those hollywood yarns (generally there is only 1 tracker for this WS) ? Did all those j Execs resign in the test runoff 2009 ? Aviation fuel cannot melt steel , even smart people haven’t been able too deduce this fact 18 + years ago . Another words … ( not to be a fatalist ) we are F….d .

Bud K Abbott

The hollywood yarn is of course the inversion . I`m telegraphing here , we need to get a little more creative & not be targets (LOL) . They will never give us any spin in their apparatus ( media ) so why not flood the Icelandic embassy ,or… with evidence based facts & political Asylum request be it that the ((( criminal interlopers ))) are engaged in Genocide under the jew N Charter . Probably not … on a positive note more & more people i come across are getting j wise .


I’m just happy the Israelis are sharing in the wealth…

Foster XL

And of course the second comment I see under that article (616 when I checked) is from a hasbarat –
“look at these nazis”

The Bull

I was aware of this band, but never checked them out. Even if you are not into this kind of music the lyrics brilliant and are on the video. Killing Joke – I am the Virus.