Roundup: Q is for Quarantine – Trust the Plandemic (3-21-20)

Kyle talks about some recent news, reads some comments, and then covers Q’s take on the coronvirus crisis.

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State of Pennsylvanian followed NY’s lead….total lockdown here as of 3-16-20 (becomes enforceable tonight at midnight). There is NO 14 day limit! I see economic carnage coming everywhere, it is maddening, but from the little that I have been out and about, people are very subdued. It’s eerie/frightening. I see no good outcome and a very long haul….unbelievable….this is the SHTF scenerio we’ve always talked about…..”The Long Emergency” is here.


Lots of theories and speculation all over, but it does seem like something big is coming from this, and that all chips are being bet. It will be very surprising if this all clears up soon and things go back to normal. Stay strong.


As of Wednesday 25 March 2020 the whole of New Zealand will effectively be under full “Martial Law”. They aren’t calling it that & are rather using the term “lockdown” which I guess they think makes everyone feel “safe” after being pre-programmed with it after all the “mass shootings”. But read the article attached & you’ll see by the language that it is effective Martial Law. For example – WILL THERE BE SOLDIERS IN THE STREET? Maybe. You can expect police, and possibly the Defence Force, to enforce the shut down in the coming month. “​Failure to play your part in the coming days will put the lives of others at risk. There will be no tolerance for that and we will not hesitate in… Read more »


Who thinks the next step will be mandatory or forced vaccinations across the globe? Although I was 50/50 at first I’m really starting to feel this is definitely on the cards now that they’ve got us this far & by what we’ve seen from all the players. I hate to be a pessimist as it goes against my nature but I think we’re pretty much fucked once that happens. If it does I’m also thinking that the US might be the last place they’ll try that due to the amount of people there that could physically resist it. OR you could be first in an attempt to show the rest of the world that resistance is futile. Obviously complete supposition but needs to be seriously… Read more »

Steve the bicyclist

One thing that many “survivalist sites” have done to get around a potential gov dns-based block/ website ban, is to provide the actual routing number of their website. (example, so instead of a domain name list that can be easily blocked/ controlled, the user has the actual “internet phone number” to access the site via their browser. Bypassing the dns (((middleman))) so to speak. Unfortunately, there are ways to prevent access via the route number, but it’s not as easy as removing the dns (domain name server) “translation.” My phone has had a new update saying it requires “body sensors” for my text messages app to work! It’s been demanding that for months… Perhaps it’s time to dust off the CB radio! I figure… Read more »

you were like “what is that song, right here right now…..” Fat Boy Slim – Right Here Right Now….? Great show, glad you got that detail of one of Trumps recent White House Speeches, I’m hailing from UK, but managed to catch it live. The devils in the detail as ever, I found it crazy to hear how he’d had a big meeting with all the big fast food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, Etc… On how drive thru’s will be the key to getting through this crisis… Now to me, that’s a stark sign of how all this is beyond caring about human health, to where it’s just a business opportunity… Other little things like building firms to give all protective masks to hospitals,… Read more »


Vegas is a ghosted town. Very freaky.


Yes it is. I live in boulder city and it’s a quiet weekend. The thing about boulder city it is pretty white. You won’t have to worry about the darkies if shit goes down. The military would for sure have it on lock down thou.

Dennis the Las Vegas strip.


I know a guy and he is from Algeria. He told me that his country is on lock down to. His brother works at one of the ports and he said no ships going or coming into shore.


Listening to this the thought popped into my mind about how easy it would have been in the pre-internet era to create panics to suggest, and then soft force via fear vaccinations. Apparently it’s only a tiny bit more difficult today. Although now it’s getting more mandatory as more acquiesce to the talmudic dreams of conquest over the minds of men.


Investigating the impact of influenza on excess mortality in all ages in Italy during recent seasons (2013/14–2016/17 seasons) Author links open overlay panelAldoRosanoab AntoninoBellaaFrancescoGesualdocAnnaAcamporadPatrizioPezzottiaStefanoMarchettieWalterRicciardifCaterinaRizzoac Get rights and content Under a Creative Commons license open access Highlights • In the winter seasons from 2013/14 to 2016/17, an estimated average of 5,290,000 ILI cases occurred in Italy, corresponding to an incidence of 9%. • More than 68,000 deaths attributable to flu epidemics were estimated in the study period. • Italy showed a higher influenza attributable excess mortality compared to other European countries. especially in the elderly. Abstract Objectives In recent years, Italy has been registering peaks in death rates, particularly among the elderly during the winter season. Influenza epidemics have been indicated as one of the… Read more »


“Nonetheless, vaccination remains the most effective means for reducing the burden of influenza, and efforts to increase vaccine coverage and the introduction of new vaccine strategies (such as vaccinating healthy children) should be considered to reduce the influenza attributable excess mortality experienced in Italy and in Europe in the last seasons.” Are you agreeing w this?


Well , no of course 😀 This is just a source ( seeming reliable ”scientific” source ) that actually gives numbers of flu victims in Italy ( 68 000 for 4 years) no panic,no media, no lockdown, no bs … Why?


This is all heading to holodomor 2.0 on steroids.


Almost three million cases of flu have been reported in Italy since the start of the winter season, and the number of confirmed cases is rising.

Since the start of flu season in October 2019, 2,768,000 cases across the country have been confirmed by laboratory tests, according to data from InfluNet published on January 19.

A total of 488,000 cases were reported last week alone, signalling that flu season is hitting its peak in January as predicted.

READ ALSO: No, coronavirus isn’t the same as the flu

240 deaths have so far been reported, slightly lower than the expected 258. Most of the fatal cases are elderly patients who suffered complications after contracting the virus.


What is your evidence that the corona virus is real?


This statistic is NOT for coronavirus and I have a lot of doubts about it too- from bioweapon to totally fake .It seems that it is totally ( in a jewish style) fake. (((They ))) are using flu epidemy ( the same for Iran , Bulgaria and Germany) and pushing their jewish commie bs ..The only thing that I am not sure ..Is this the end or they will give us a small break ?


Varg Kikerness says Corona Virus is the work of mother earth and nature to wipe off the trash.
(((They))) are absolutely innocent, (((they))) did not expect Corona Virus, this Corona Virus hampered all (((their))) plans for NWO.
Nature saved us, dude!! imagecomment image

Varg Kikerness is nothing more than a PATHETIC SHILL/agent, his true colors are exposed now.
Try to spread this and expose him for what he really is.


He said it was “mother earth” that was genociding Whites for inventing things years ago. I would not be surprised if this dude was a jew.