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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

As i’m listening to this show in the Midlands of Angle-land, storm Dennis is raging outside. Last weekend we had storm Ciara with a few chem-trail sunny days inbetween. Thanks (((climate change))).

With our Sun coming around, and the wind and rain blowing at least six million miles per hour, i can faintly hear one bird singing in all of the surrounding chaos. It sounds so beautiful. We each have to be that lone bird and get the truth out.

PS The people of Dresden and Germany as a whole, will get justice. RIP all those brave souls.
Thanks for the show, Kyle.

4 years ago

Let us not forget that China is a communist country which have heavily surveillanced their own population for many, many years now, I am sure they have a long list of individuals they would like to get rid off. My suspicion is that China is using this corona hysteria as a cover to carry out a great purge on their own population. I bet that a lot of the individuals who are under ‘quarantine’ are also the ones that the government wants to get rid off. Communist government of China has already commited mass murder on their own population in the past, the same government still runs the country today so why wouldn’t they do it again but this time under the cover of a… Read more »

Reply to  Solen
4 years ago

No in my opinion the coronavirus is nothing other than a “western” media contrivance too keep people scared of some damocles sword bullshit, because there are no wars to scare people with. Its the same old yarn war, virus, war virus, war , virus etc etc. the coronoavirus along with H1N1 and Bird flu and all that other dogshit is just more jewmedia bullshit, because they cant throw the Gulf War trauma at us anymore. Nonsense of the highest order. Ignore and move on. Also why is it that all these “viruses” always come form fucking China all the time. Its always China for some fucking reason. Maybe it is because they are the primary exporter of Western artifacts, yea its from China why not.… Read more »

Neil Haworth
4 years ago

What do you mean by “It doesnt seem we have a whole lot of time”? Is it when white people become minority?

4 years ago

“Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight…Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

That certainly sums it up. Thanks for the show, Kyle.

4 years ago

The Dresden bombing ( February 13th -15th ) happened on the same days as the Roman ritual animal sacrifice called Lupercalia, which was a “purging” blood offering.

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