Roundup: The Plandemic is Cover for a Hebraic Heist (3-28-20)

Kyle talks about the financial scam being run by jewish supremacists under the guise of fighting off the coronavirus.

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Alouicious Jackson

As some have now covered, the CV scam is a cover for 5G- EVERY PLACE WHERE ‘CV’ HIT FIRST WAS A TESTBED FOR 5G TECHNOLOGY.
That’s right: Wuhan China, the cruise ships, the cities in Italy, etc. All test areas for 5G. 5G uses a 60GHz millimeter wave, which was specifically chosen because it ionizes oxygen, making it unable to bind with hemoglobin. The victims were suffering from anoxia, not a virus. That’s why they would have a dry cough, convulsions, loss of consciousness, etc. with no other signs of being sick.

Foster XL

5G is a part of the whole thing yes but the main thing being taught here is total COMPLIANCE plus there’s a whole raft of things they are achieving along with it. It’s about showing you in your face that you have no power, no freedom, no “rights” & if you dare question anything your authority says you will be punished. It’s about getting people to totally love their complete & utter slavery. Every time I have to unfortunately view some mainstream media I’m hearing “Covid-19” & “comply/compliance” repeated over & over & over & over…. it’s like they’re going for new world records on just how many times you can cram these words in per news article, nay per minute!


5G is not good but you’re still taking the media’s narrative that people are “dropping like flies”. Are they really?


Look at the types of toxic drugs they are giving to patients who’s been ”tested positive” for Covid-19.

No wonder so many elderly, specially those with illnesses have died, it’s not due to the virus if it is even real but most likely due to these drugs.


israeli pharma company ‘Teva’ is going to donate millions of doses of the toxic drug ‘hydroxychloroquine’.

How many millions? 6 million, of course.

Steve G

It’s insane that the national guard is going door to door. This is totally martial law. It feels like the “war on terror” / shootings bullshit that was normalized. This has turned citizens into paranoid cop callers. Now this covid 19 will become the new normal. Imagine a world where people have to check in before going anywhere , where people who don’t “social distance” are seen as an enemy of the state. Like out of Orwell.. people calling others ‘thought criminals’. This may very well be the future.

Foster XL

This is exactly why getting as much propaganda out there as possible that exposes their crimes right now is essential. Messages with links in the right places in the public’s face & I’m not talking about the internet & little echo chambers here. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The risks of putting information out there at the moment have increased but the risk of what’s to come if this isn’t turned around & beaten are far greater. This is a time for heroes at all levels!

How f***ing retarded are people. You can look this stuff up on Wikipedia. By 2000 8 out of 9 Ivy League University presidents was, you guessed it, was Jewish. Some right wing retards think Trump has assumed control of Treasury to protect the American people and print T bills. Instead the Fed is printing money so that Treasury can buy up corporate paper, etc. They wrecked the economy and are buying it up for chump change while you are supposed to live on $1200 for how long? This is another version of what they did to Britain – read on: “The Rothschilds had such an efficient system of couriers that they knew Napoleon lost at Waterloo a day before everyone else Nathan Rothschild, in one… Read more »


Black stone is the black book- koob /cube -the bible


Nailed it.

Does renegade chatroom not work with a secure connection? (VPN, encrypted)

Foster XL

Should probably just delete these Jon Minadeo troll comments straight away as they’re just a complete waste of bandwidth.