Roundup: Voting Our Way Out of Lockdown! (5-16-20)

Kyle and Sinead talk about the real solution to the tyrannical lockdown – voting even harder!

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Anthony Roberts

It wasn’t enough that you both sell healthy, natural products to our folk on your site. No, ya had to cut across my slightly-used mask gig on ebay, yer sourdough scammers! Well the sanitized gloves are on, with your so-called Melvin Klein range on bitchute. We’ll soon see who’s full of hot, stinky, moist air! Nothing beats my “Muzzle Tov, Snot on my Watch or Baa Code” range. None of your juhan muck here. Just $3.30 each or 3 for $10. Stick to your own honey patch, you p/t vegans! Unlike my CDC-approved stash, made in Chinese care centres with better safety nets, that trap allll toxins, your handmade natural material garbage are fake, like this network! Your masks are slipping , you, you… Read more »


Funny you mention Laura Towler. In her lasted video she advocates raising awareness and petition the UK Government for an investigation into Asian rape gangs. Although I agree with this, I commented that it was unlikely one set of child rapists (UK MP’s) would investigate another (Pakistani rape gangs). The comment was deleted. Whether by youtube or Towler, I have no idea.
Also, to sign up to her patriotic alternative thing, you have to supply your real and full name along with your E mail. Little suspicious, if you ask me.

Robert Heimdal

Indeed. The fact that they are comparing this scamdemic to “evil-Nazis” proofs, once more, how jewish the entire psy-op is.

[1] ‘Beware The CoronaNazis’ (Mon, 05/18/2020) ShittoHedge

… and Spiro once again:

[2] ‘Mack Calls on Sheriffs: America Has Become A Catastrophe, We Need Action!’ (May 17, 2020)


5G MOTHERBOARD, that Sinead referenced 🙂 you’re welcome.comment image


Fake news to try to discredit “conspiracy theorists”. Unfortunately many plebs swallow crap like this without doing any research of their own. They’re as bad as TV addicts.