Roundup: White Lives Don’t Matter to Them (6-6-20)

Kyle and Sinead talk about the recent happenings while trying not to get distracted by a computer that is haunted by the Mossad.

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Anthony Roberts

Don’t forget: “jew Lies Matter!”
The cop and George worked security together. Fake choke time – 8:46 mins, first 9/11 tower hit – 8:46am. George’s FB page was set up on 5/25/16, exactly fours years to the day of this staged event.

The London riots in 2011, were probably a trial for what’s happening. The police let black yobs kill, beat, burn and loot for five days, and the riots spread to every large city and town. The masonic police chiefs all answer to the jewish supremacists.

P. S. Thanks both for being the only pro-White site getting, under technical sabotage, the truth out to our people. Another fantastic parody song from you too, Sinead.


I’m so sick of how cucked society is in letting the non whites just wreck white society.


I’m wondering if a few weeks down the road we’ll see the “2nd wave of the covid pandemic”, which perhaps will be blamed on all of the mass protests/riots happening all across the world. This could lead to a 2nd round of quarantine, and who knows what else. And it looks like they’re aiming to get the vaccine released by September. I figured they’d aim for before the election:


If there is, they’ll blame it on White racism.

Wrath of Nordic culture

Over the past week I have gotten back into the fight. I’m sick of mainstream culture and social media, and I’m sick of the normies that mindlessly believe whatever they are told by the media. Sinead has amazing music and I will resume supporting y’all. Stay safe!

Odin Hammer Wolf of the Forest Brethren Clan Bros

Nice name bro! How do you like my new get-up?

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Interesting podcast! But I have a question.

Do you guys (Kyle and Sinead) talk to blacks IRL? Since the covid19 started, I know it’s not common to chat with strangers…
But I mean, are there former classmates or co-workers who are black, that you stay in contact with? I have some who I kept in contact with.

I am proud to be White and I’m no apologist (I never owned slaves) and I tell my White friends that White Pride =/= dislike other races. My boyfriend says divide and conquer is being orchestrated by the wealthy rich.
Stay safe

Robert Heimdal

Predictable outcome & qui bono:

“found extreme anti-Trump protest actions actually led people to not only dislike the movement and support the cause less, but to be willing to support Trump more.”

‘Study Finds Extreme Protests Turn The Public Away From The Cause’ (Sun, 06/07/2020 – 22:10)

Ted Parks

Shotguns are VERY good because it takes far less accuracy.


The first thing that came to my mind when this supposed person/actor George Floyd was killed was the band Pink Floyd. Do not no why Pink Floyd came to me. There is something weird going on. Roger Waters full name is George Roger Waters.


Oh look, another “wolf”…

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Pink Floyd is also popularly connected to the movie Wizard of Oz…. “Follow the yellow brick road”