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2 years ago

You guys are just about the only ones rationally talking about this. It’s scary how many stupid people are out there. Keep up the good work guys.

Reply to  AmericansAgainstZionism
2 years ago

Stupid people or full blown fucking agents?

Steve the bicyclist
2 years ago

Thank you for all your efforts. This site has improved my life. Very grateful. I saw a lot of fearless people in town, but I saw slightly more freaked out people of all ages! I’m sure many were carrying firearms. Constitutional carry state here. One crazy dude with a very rough voice and a black “shirt mask,” was very loudly telling everyone in the grocery store that he, “dodged the bullet!” (About his sick mom) – I sure don’t want to be shot for being sensitive to all them damned “cleaning chemicals” and coughing! It’s not the flu to fear, it’s the morona zombies! They are really spooked… Snappy! Some are getting mean. My strategy is to be as polite as possible. I’m planning on… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

This moment has been planned for decades by the Jewish supremacists. These catchphrases, zog dictates and store renovations could never have been implemented so fast, but people seem to be relishing their enslavement.

The old bag, Liz II, is addressing her subjects tonight, for only the fourth time in history. The cattle will of course, stand on their individual naughty-step stickers, clap like seals, and lap it up. “Gawd bless ya ma’am.”

PS Great advice from you both. This is probably just the opening scene in their summer blockbuster movie. Many buildings may have been primed for a possible false flag (nuke-hoax) attack, from those commies! Take good care everyone.

Robert Heimdal
2 years ago

More confirmation that Coronavirus is a total psy-op. No such hectic activity in hospitals anywhere. In the meantime “State looking at cellphone movement to judge, maybe tighten, social distancing rules”.


‘Sage of Quay™ – Checking Out Urgent Care and Hospital Activity – April 3, 2020’

Robert Heimdal
Reply to  Robert Heimdal
2 years ago

‘Media Caught Copy Pasting Same Pic – Covid-19 is A F– Hoax’ – BitChute

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