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Jack The Juice Killer
30 days ago

Oh look, another one of them thar basement-dwelling manchildern virgin pseudonyms who believes all scary ol’ women are feminists LOL! You don’t think 100% of genuine people viewing these comments can’t see you for what you are? You ain’t having ANY effect here whatsoever apart from the odd chuckle at replies to your tired garbage. Just kys already you pathetic loser/fag/jew.

30 days ago

Kyle, you can in less than 1 minute separate audio from your final video in free MKVToolNix program, it comes out in mka format, then you convert it into mp3 in your converter or audio editor of choice. Free Audacity, for example, does the job. The whole process takes less than 5 min in total.

renegade fan
Reply to  ZUGZWANG
23 days ago

I was hoping someone could convert to mp3, I have an older laptop that plays mp3 or lower res videos ok, but its having too much trouble with oddyssey

Reply to  renegade fan
20 days ago

Already posted this under another show but obviously you didn’t see it. If you must have the mp3s already done for you then “Conspiracy Classics” bitchute channel posts all Renegade shows (along with everyone else) with limited time mp3 download links usually included in the description for each show.

Reply to  renegade fan
20 days ago

Would you like us to come to your house and recite the show word for word? hehe

30 days ago

Hocus Pocus, the fat one is Kathy Najimy, who also was on an interview saying anyone who didn’t like when Ellen was a lesbo on her sitcom, were all ‘bigots’.
Sarah Jessica Parker had also apparently had ancestors in actual witch trials in real life.
I doubt they were pagans since she is super jewish.

30 days ago

Could one of you please interview C.G? Just a friendly chat maybe. A personal update. His health et cetera. Thank you.

Reply to  Urumchi
29 days ago

Charlie started a bible-bashing YouTube channel and has been posting lots of videos lately:

So he definitely is still around.

mach eagle
Reply to  Evin
29 days ago

If Charlie is able to post videos on youtube, why couldn’t he resume his shows on Renegade radio? It doesn’t need necessarily to be a live show, it could be a recorded one. Judging by youtube viewcounts, he could have more listeners on his Renegade shows.

Reply to  mach eagle
29 days ago

Charlie’s email address has been posted here numerous times (just check all his show posts). If all you concerned people just emailed him yourselves & communicated directly (y’know, proactive like) it would save you all having to repeatedly ask the same inane questions in here. Afterall, self-dependency is the absolute key to getting you out of the mess you are all in at the moment NOT relying on what others have to say about anything.

28 days ago

Feminists and MGtOW are the worst side of men/women realised into a group. Both don’t care how fat and ugly they look, despite the fact that both should care as looks are a part of beauty and both display laziness and narcissism which is not attractive to either sex. It’s not just a health thing, let’s face it, women should want to attract a man and men should be presentable to attract a woman; and also both want to say something to the competition and show that they respect themselves. That’s nature. Asia seems to understand this, yet has been corrupted in other ways. Men want feminine beauty (which I believe a sporty or ‘tomboy’ can still have), and women want something that says strength/confidence.… Read more »

15 days ago

Speaking of damaged women, Billie Eilish said porn destroyed her brain in an interview.
That figures, given how strange she is.

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