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1 year ago

I loved this show – I appreciate your vision, I’ve often thought things could turn around in one season if enough people turned their lawns into veggie gardens. And you’ve got me interested in permaculture now. I was turned off by what you were saying, the anti-white mindset that permeates that crowd. I have a vision for a food forest and have one mulberry tree so far. It’s a better investment than a retirement plan (not that we have shekels to set aside) – and for people to stumble on it after we’re gone. I’ll be replacing a planted-pine (mostly) monoculture with some underbrush. I’d love to be part of creating these all over, not just for us, but birds, wildlife. Planting seeds for the… Read more »

1 year ago

“Brazilian Couple Created 1,502-Acre Forest In 20 Years, Which Houses 500+ Endangered Plant & Animal Species”

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Ragnar Fan
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

This is very beautiful. On a smaller scale imagine if people started planting food trees on their front verges or just in random areas? I’m going to plant an orange tree on my verge and see what happens. I will document this.

Reply to  Ragnar Fan
1 year ago

This has been happening, although the activities I have seen is ghetto nigraz in their infinite original Kang Mode digging up the grass on the sidewalk to plant community veg. Props to them, but one must ask the question that if they were White, would there have been such a positive mention?… Or would this have been totally ignored or pushed as some raaaaysist move of “white supremacy”. ….?! There was a docu a while ago and I have seen some youtube vids of darkies growing on sidewalk lawns for the community, but again, darkies saving the universe in their infinite creativity and care for other darkies on White man’s legacy .

Reply to  Ragnar Fan
1 year ago

That is also a good sentiment, one I have always held that if everyone does their bit, then you don’t need a single State sponsored Superman to save everyone. This isn’t about having one guy sorting out the worlds problems while we stand back and watch, but all of us collectively doing our bit. Try telling that to the programmed morons around you,,,,

1 year ago

While mushroom picking is alive and well in Europe, not too many people do it here in NA. I am not sure why this particular part of enjoying the forest is so neglected. We go to our local forest in the summer and fall and always find a lot. What we don’t eat fresh I dehydrate and use through the year in soups and stews.
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1 year ago
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