Solar Storm: Always Blame Whitey (5-31-20)

Sinead joins Kyle to talk about the race riots engulfing the world and what a massive operation it all is.

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Anthony Roberts

It’s all so retarded. Just by taking a few minutes of common sense thinking, will tell the average person that this was a jewish supremacist hoax event. What cop would do that for so long being filmed?

Also, the picture that went all over the world, with his knee on the neck of his work colleague, and him staring straight at the camera, had the tell-tale ‘hand in pocket’ judeomasonic calling card. RIP C-orona C-ough!

P.S. The whole thing is crafted so cleverly-poor that, as you say, both races will see their ‘truth.’ Great show and your brilliant bitchute video says it all: “Cheesecake up – don’t Poop!”


Reminds me of how they released massive amounts of prisoners just prior to the bolshevick revolution in 1917.

Cat Claw

The “cop” is an actor,not the officer in the mug shot that was used as a scape goat


The elephant in the room is that from his nose the “cop” looks more like a Jew than an European white man.

Iron Leaf

Shortly after the hysteria surrounding the psyop in regard to the death of a character named George Floyd, Spotify is already featuring a professional advertisement for the event. Big corporations like Electronic Arts and Disney are already pushing this as well, neither of which should have anything to do with politics by the way. All of this means money was put into it, and when random big corporate names are involved and get behind it, especially so soon, it becomes clear that this is a psyop.
And when police partake in legitimate (not acted) brutality against others of other races, such as whites ( without any outcry, public knowledge, or official documentation, it becomes even clearer that this is a psyop.

Parthian Tactics

Didnt get a chance to listen to this broadcast as i am typing this however it looks like renegade was right again. During convid 19, the jews were releasing prisoners. Seems like this entire riot was pre planned a long time ago.

Will Wood

Van Jones: “White people are always innocent and their innocence constitutes their crime.” No Van, that’s not the way it works. “Look in the mirror at how you choke off Black opportunity.” Where i work there is only one White manager, and that is a White woman. All the other managers, and there are several, like 6, are Black. Great show. I think this is waking up A LOT of White people, who are sick of this B#ll Sh#t.. FU Van Jones and your BS spin to try and guilt trip White people. The problem is NOT White people Van..


Black guy breaks down the Floyd HOAX. Just got this link & only half way through watching this one (it’s 56 minutes long!) but thought it was worth sharing now in case people here haven’t seen it yet. If you have then sorry I’m a bit behind – I wake up to so much stuff to filter thru these days! Interested to hear genuine opinions on this. It might not be perfect but it appears so far to be exposing the hoax – will have to watch the rest when I get home later to see if it starts moving towards the right target or if it’s left unclear so that “whites” can be blamed. Will also check for people’s comments/analysis then… WHY EVERYONE GOT… Read more »


Oh my god, read this article: especially about the Rastafarian


CAPITAL CHAOS: Rioters clash with police, fires set near White House as protests escalate American riots update: Los Angeles declares state of emergency | 7NEWS United States riots: Violent clashes have continued across the US | 7NEWS Looters Damage Storefronts During Protests In Oakland Seattle protest turns violent with looting and fires downtown Miami protests start peacefully, turn violent as some demonstrators begin looting Erasing hate. George Floyd protest clean up in Seattle. See scenes from Sacramento’s Black Lives Matter protest over George Floyd police death George Floyd Protesters Break In Gucci To Loot The Store On Rodeo Drive In Beverly Hills 5.30.20 American riots: Protesters leave but looting continues in Los Angeles | 7NEWS… Read more »


Let the blacks, mestizos and Social Marxists beat and murder as many liberals, cucks as possible! Less work for us.
This is what they deserve for enabling this Jew- ridden multicultural pestilence!! Let them claim their prize.
Any bona fide white nationalist knows that the sooner this system collapses the better, and has moved far away from metropolitan areas.


saoirse said – “…murder as many liberals, cucks as possible! Less work for us.

So you want to murder liberals & cucks? That’s not “us” (((fellow whiteperson))) so you can f*** right off with all the other obvious hasbarats & little retarded slave trolls with your fake Irish name!


Oh you can bet that’s not you allright! I knew you phoney twits would respond like a bunch of riled up cucks. Your idea of aggressive white self-preservation is to call jew on everyone posting an honest thought. Won’t count on you emotional cripples to watch my back. You fuck off!!


“saoirse” said – “I knew you… would respond…

Exactly. Those who weren’t loved enough sadly always crave attention one way or another.


Okay Schlomo.

Daniel M Deblasio

A bit extreme, but a good possibility what will culminate in the future. You want to remove yourself from the system as much as possible. Neo-liberalism, i.e, free-market capitalism is a form of liberalism on a one way self-destructive path. Many jobs in the big cities will disappear when the economy collapses. The establishment plans on using technology to control large populations from leaving the cities. Western Europe and North America will most likely have small pockets of places where technology is less prevalent. The Jews will use the technocrats to replace governments in the west.