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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

I also think the Biden gaffe was planned. With their ‘revelation of the method’, they believe that as we were told and did nothing, the onus and fault is back on us. Same with Trump saying ‘a storm is coming – you’ll find out’.

This Super baal ’20 has been planned for decades. They control both red and blue teams, and depending on who can cause most damage and White genocide, will determine who they choose as eventual winner, and more yardage for israel.

P.S. Very enjoyable ‘makeover’ show. You both prove that with some thought, a lot of sweat, and the love for your family and race, a little money can go a long way. Good job!

1 year ago

Just a comment on ‘Creepy’Joe Biden…the worst possible occupant for the Oval Office since Barack OBOZO! If indeed the majority of Americans sincerely want someone like Creepy Joe as president (which I SINCERELY DOUBT) then the country really SHOULD be gutted and redone politically and economically ASAP.

Reply to  Mel
1 year ago

Did you forget about child raping terrorist/genocider of the White Race, Donald jew’s Bitch Trump? I mean, he’s just been Genocide’ing the White Race every single passing day, with ZOG Government Power, since late 2016… And did fugitive from justice Obama do the same? He sure did. Did Bush and Bush SR also Genocide the White Race? Hmm oh, ZOG presipuppets go all the way back to before world war jew? Hmm… So why do you think one is better than another, or one is worse than another… They’re all guilty of treason. They’re all on ‘the same side’. They’re all enemies of the people, specifically the White Race (the race that these terrorists like Trump/Biden/Obongo/Bush/etc. Genocides for their jew Masters). You should hate them… Read more »

Gay-Opt Inspector
Reply to  Ulf
1 year ago

Absolutely correct. I gave up on the Murrican Dream or a hero coming to “save” us years ago.

Aryan Diablo
1 year ago

I heard you guys mention that jew Jeremy Rothe-Kushel. I only recently found his YouTube channel, “The Antedote”. What’s his deal? Is he a federal agent or just a subversive jew? He sounds a lot like Whitney Webb. I found their Channel (him and Greg) by searching ‘Arther Finkelstein’ on jewtube. They did a pretty decent episode exposing the gay and jewish group of weird actors that got Blormpf to run for president in 2016. The show is over 2 years old. That whole Cohn, Lauder, Birnbaum, Stone and Finkelstein network. “promise White people you’re going to give them something and then never give them anything strategy”. Pretty jewy. The reason I bring this up is because I was still “plan trusting” on Trump in… Read more »

1 year ago

You guys need to do a definitive list of must have spices and must have home ingredients all in one place. I have saved the random cooking and nutrient pieces, some are seriously the best i have ever come across, like alternative healing and medical. But a master list would be fantastic. I did the vegan thing for three years and got incredibly fat for the first year as evertrhinf was fried and sugary fruits. Then i got scrawny it would be nice to give it another try. I love Sinead when she is just being herself and talking on the positive side of things.

Last edited 1 year ago by Horatio
Reply to  and
1 year ago

I remember this “Unlock The Power” person praising Varg alongside Bolshevik Carolyn Emerick.

1 year ago

I think the gentrification outrage stems from frustration and jealousy. To call it raycis is beyond full-blown absurdity.

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