The Solar Storm: Arthur Bliss – The Myth (6-12-16)


Kyle speaks with Arthur Bliss about The Myth, which is a video audiobook about based on Alfred Rosenberg’s magnum opus. We discuss Rosenberg’s place in the Reich, as well as his views on ancient civilizations, religion, feminism, dysgenics, non-Whites, and much more.

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classic interview ..we must not allow the planned white genocide via De’americanization- sadly the blood shed by our ancestors on this continent for the right to prescribe freedom west of the atlantic is one of the only things left holding together our racial and moral substance at all.


“we must not allow the planned white genocide via De’americanization”

Then vote for Donald Trump this November, the ONLY CANDIDATE who promises to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico as well as begin deporting those illegal alien bastards and their baby-making bitches that are already here as well as halting the flow of equally incompatible Muslims into America via legal immigration.

If Donald Trump does nothing more than follow through on this, as far as I’m concerned, he will have succeeded for this demographic time bomb is our BIGGEST PROBLEM even more than the Jews responsible for it, who aren’t going away any time soon.

“It’s Illegal Immigration Stupid” should be Trump’s campaign slogan.

TRUMP 2016


This post offends Chinese merchants as well as our Supreme Jewish Overlords at CSISDC

How dare you!

I will share this great interview in my danish viking group. Thank you both!

Anthony Roberts

What a fascinating and insightful interview – thank you both.
” The execution of the idea” and “Not content with nature or reality.” Two quotes that sum up our enemy perfectly!
I hadn’t realised how important Mr Rosenberg was or how prophetic his views would become.
Iam very much looking forward to digesting the audio book – albeit slowly in small chunks!


Great great show. I recommend “the track of the jew through the ages” by Mr Rosenberg. One heck of a read.


Alfred Rosenberg was an incredible man! I’ve been somewhat stagnating in my spiritual life, since the well of information seems to dry up from time to time, but listening (and watching), just the first half hour of ”The Myth”, truly stirs the soul! What a joy to have found his work at this time for me… I hope those Renegades who are not familiar with the man, Alfred Rosenberg, do take the time to indulge in his works. I long for the days when we could have more men like him, open and allowed to speak and inspire our folk. For me, I am going through a major history revision in looking at Rome and Greece, (since I learned next to nothing over 12 years… Read more »


I certainly don’t agree with Rosenberg (anything known about his ancestry?) to a tee in this respect.

Heathen vegan

Hey Liv. As an admirer of Rosenberg, I think I am at least somewhat able to address your “concerns” Firstly about Rosenberg’s ancestry. There was only ever one person to accuse Rosenberg of being at least part jewish and that was a jewish man, who claimed Rosenberg had no German blood and was a mix of Slavic, French jewish and Mongolians (the Vatican got in on this too, but considering Rosenberg’s position on Christianity, it is no wonder). The main accusations regarding his ancestry from Germans was that he wasnt “pure” German. This is because Rosenberg was born is what is now Estonia (then part of Russia) Although his mother does appear to be pure Baltic German, his father appears to be at least in… Read more »


Thank you very much for this extensive, insightful and reasonable response, Heathen vegan.

Seems I have to read more by him, in order to fully understand.,_Alfred German metapedia is almost always much better than the English versions.

“He was hanged, it would appear, for what he thought and wrote”

They hate him

newdawnrise for his non-Myth works for e-books




Thank you Liv and newdawnrise! I found a pdf on, Thrid Reich was out of stock!


I would recommend the Blood and Honor set as well.


Heathen Vegan, what are your thoughts on ‘astrology’ in relation to our folk? Rosenberg mentions it as coming in from the Levant, with other magical thinking and divination practices. Have you found good sky lore material/sky reading that’s from northern Euro?

Heathen vegan

Hey Callwen. Yes, Rosenberg’s “magical thinking”, this is a very interesting topic, which to cover fully would probably take a book bigger than “the myth” itself. I will try to give a brief idea of my understandings though. Rosenberg blames much of the corruption of the “Nordic man” On the priestly class, not only of the church, but through out time. So much so that anyone holding even the smallest of spiritual belief who read “The Myth” would of been caused to flinch in certain parts, as Rosenberg mercilessly attacks. I believe his disdain for the church, had caused him to maybe go a little over board here. He was certainly admirer of logic and reason and it is through these routes he finds his… Read more »


That’s profound, thank you HV. Any kind of mediator — the priestly class — would it seems come between you and the creator.
Re: astrology, I know it’s in the protocols to get everyone absorbed in the superficial version. And there are cults for each planet, like the Saturn one – coming from the Levant. But there are a lot of star lore artifacts of our folk, and there must be more to this. The ages, the longer cycles, like the kali yuga, relate I guess to our more ancient indo-Euro past. Thanks for responding!

Heathen vegan

I agree, Our ancestors in the north and west did nothing by accident, or out of pure “logical” reasoning. From the places they lived to their stone megaliths, all was chosen very specifically. I am atm working on a project to try and put this into a context, especially in Britain and Ireland. We have the richest archaeology when it comes to megaliths (15 + stone circles in Cornwall alone, not including single or dual stones and cairns). Plus we have an abundance of Neolithic, bronze age and iron age sites. All of which although changing sightly show clear continuation of culture. The megaliths in particular show clearly that the movements of the sky was an important aspect of their lives. So much so even… Read more »


Hey H.V.,
When I was in the UK I visited a site in Scotland called Clava Cairns. This site has connections to Egypt. The tour guide at the site explained that the three Cairns are laid out exactly the same as the three Pyramids on the Giza Plateua (which I think have been linked to Orions Belt). Also of note is that two of the three Cairns have entrances (one is filled in) and that these open entrances align to the position that the sun sets on either the summer or winter solstice. It has always stuck in my mind.

If you search for Clava Cairns aerial images you will see what the guide meant by the alignment.


Heathen vegan

Hey Roguewaves.

I am at the moment trying to get together a semi comprehensive list of all megalith and settlement sites here in the UK. More of an overview atm though, nothing to deep. I had not heard of the connection between Clava Cairns and Egypt though, so thanks for sharing, definitely something to look into.



Hi there Callwen and Heathen Vegan..
I recently dusted off a book entitled ”Moon Time – The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles” by Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe.
As the title implies, the content is filtered through Johanna, the daughter of a Tyrolean mountain farmer who ”grew up immersed in a body of knowledge that had been handed down in its entirety from generation to generation within her family”.
I’ve had plenty of books on astrology, ”health and wellness”, ect, but I’d bet that this one is the only out of the lot worth keeping.


You’re the second to recommend that book, so yeah, I want to get that one. : )


Thanks for the recommendation Amber. Callwen, When I was researching this topic one very helpful book I found was “Agriculture of Tomorrow” by Lily Kolisko. She did 20 years of Agriculture experiments proving the links between ‘Cosmic’ forces such a Lunar Cycles and plant growth. After reading her book I apply her Lunar Cycles (and some others) to my planting and harvesting / picking. Also mentioned in that book are references made to Astrological Influences on Plant and Animal Life in ‘History of Nature’ by Pliny (written 23AD) and some of these laws are also encoded into a poem on Agriculture by Virgil. Another more recent book she mentions (but also admits the information seems to be based upon a lost knowledge) is Culpeper’s Complete… Read more »


Really outstanding interview, please pass on my congratulations as well to Mr Bliss. I watched ‘the myth’ on jewtube a few days ago. Very good work and thanks for everything to the entire Renegade team.


Just listened to this… Phenomenal interview Kyle!
Thank you so very much for presenting this information.
If anyone hasn’t heard this one – do give it a listen.
Kyle’s interviews are time well spent.


Amber, I am glad you made this comment, due to it scrolling on the left on the main page I came to this interview and have benefited from the contents too. Kyle / Renegade, A truly great interview which touched on so many important topics. I have listened to this twice now, it is really worth it. After listening to this I understand why you see Christianity as such a huge problem. Like you @ 46m 47s, I have often referred to Christianity (and indeed all dogmatic religions) as a mind virus. The problem is how to remove the virus / programming. I have reduced it to two components (though a couple of others could be argued, I am trying to be brief): 1) The… Read more »


This is one of those shows that can, and should be listened to more than once… I am delighted to have been able to have rekindled some interest. I only heard it due to the auto player one evening. I think your in the right direction with your thoughts on Christianity and on die-yets.. I was somewhat ”raised” in the church, my grandmother taking me every sunday of my early life, and then being put into a Lutheran private school for my teenage years. Looking back and remembering what ‘that part of my life was like’, it never felt right, authentic or true… I always felt out of place, like it was all some kind of joke that I probably would never understand. Trying to… Read more »


Rosenberg says women sacrifice every month with their cycle in anticipation of the role of motherhood. I’ve actually never heard anyone, man or woman say that. It’s a kind of honoring that you just don’t hear.
And Amber, I relate to what you’re saying. In Sunday School, i used to look at the map of the Holy Land in my bible with the aryan looking Jesus with children at his knee — and none of it made sense — not much of it stuck, though I can recite the books of the NT, that’s about it.
I’m also glad you highlighted this interview. I listen a lot to the Myth on mp3, but this interview is a nice companion to that.

“The Myth” is an excellent video presentation created by Arthur Bliss and his Sunwheel Society. It will bring increased interest into the thinking of Alfred Rosenberg. This is good. However, Mr. Bliss misses badly at the end: “It is our job to try to do the best we can according to the values that are appropriate to our people. For us that means being honorable.” “So even if we could get ahead; even if we could help people by lying to them; even if we can do some kind of scoundrel activity – ‘But we’re going to win!!’ – we shouldn’t!” “Because one of the things it’s important to understand is that part of the concept of honor is that – even if we fail… Read more »

From Arthur: “As Rosenberg mentions in talking about polygamy and bastard children following many male deaths in war (not an abstract notion following World War I, when perhaps more than 1/3 of the eligible male bachelors had died), the exact expression of what is moral must originate from our highest value, the nexus of our being. What is ‘good’ is what is true-to-type, what is ‘bad’ is that which is ‘racially alien and fatal to the inner structure of our being’ — not because of some abstract, universal, and bloodless moral law, but because it is existentially contrary to who we really are. So, it may be appropriate in certain extremes to e.g. deceive or in an asymmetrically necessary way, but it is absolutely imperative… Read more »

By “honor” do you folks mean the survival (and flowering) of the White Race by whatever means necessary?

No, definitely not by any means necessary — that would in fact make its flowering impossible. There is no “White Race” except in the loosest of terms, but a collection of European peoples of varying racial admixtures. It is the Nordic element, meaning the sub race of the Aryans that were the civilization shapers and later travelled from the Hittite Empire up to the North — the Aesir (Asian) tribe that intermixed with the ancient European Celtic and Mediterranean people over Western Europe spreading the Indo-European languages, beliefs, and culture, that I am most concerned with the preservation of. These people more than any other elevated the particular concept of Honor that is dealt with extensively by Rosenberg. To betray this honor so that an… Read more »


“…but it is absolutely imperative that honor, our highest value, is never removed from the its position of dominance or it would make us not us.” Honor is a value to be acted on in accordance to context IF one and one’s racial group is to persist in the world. If you think that small fragments of whites will be permitted to survive after jews wipe out the vast majority then I think that you’re not mentally grounded here. They have high technology at hand and will use it to see to it that the remainder are eliminated, and then no doubt they would go out of their way to start killing of bi-racial whites/others because our genes would still be present, and dominant in… Read more »

It is necessary to understand Rosenberg’s idea of Honor. It is the second chapter (“Honor and Love”) of the full book, central throughout, and described fully in the film. In my opinion, and I’m not trying to be rude to you specifically, your understanding of correct action has been thoroughly tainted by our dishonorable society so that the reaction its evil has provoked does not follow the form of your racial soul. Now, whether this is because you have not understood what honor is (the highest value of our racial soul, i.e. who we really are more than any corporeal existence) or because you feel so desperate that you’re willing to do anything to survive is a separate question. Doing anything to survive is not… Read more »

@Sunwheel Society

Individual survival should not be confused with collective survival. The ‘honor’ being discussed appears to be that of the individual rather than the collective.

In any case, to counter your hypothetical, do you think shooting a war-time enemy in the back is dishonorable?

I think very few actions are always dishonorable and that shooting an enemy in the back can certainly be appropriate war-time behavior. It’s even possible to [honorably] dishonor yourself specifically to achieve a higher honorable goal; rigidity is not an end of itself. But, some victories are commonly thought of as losses and vis versa. Germany did the right thing at Dunkirk. They did the right thing when they treated prisoners humanely, when they made many peace entreaties to the British, when they endeavored to stay neutral towards America, and so on, not only for political or military reasons (which are arguable, for sure), but for reasons of honor. Understand that the German fight was always doomed because of the Communist-Capitalist collaboration, because of the… Read more »


Fight fire with fire or die. It isn’t a hard choice, unless you are Captain Kirk /Spock always able to come up with the magical non-existent third solution.


““So even if we could get ahead; even if we could help people by lying to them; even if we can do some kind of scoundrel activity – ‘But we’re going to win!!’ – we shouldn’t!”

Our enemies have no such scruples! When battling an opponent who fights dirty, you have to fight back in the same manner else YOU WILL LOSE.

The Jews and fellow rabble on the Left have only one goal: TO WIN. Just like the Bolshevik monsters of yore, they are guided by the ‘principle’ of “The end justifies the means.” And so should we!

I use the name Alfred Rosenberg on twitter, along with his image as my avatar. So I will be sure to check this show out!


This podcast reminds a lot of Arthur C. Clarke’s spirituality especially in ‘Childhood’s End’ about aliens that exterminate humans and leave a human music composition (art) embedded in the space around where Earth used to be so that other aliens passing by would have something soulful to remember humans by. The 3 part TV series could have been made more humorous if the track chosen by the producers had been Black liberation soul music, Purple Haze or anything Gangsta Rap. Rosenberg’s (as depicted by Bliss) special snowflake / flower power reactionary concept of spirituality is interesting, yet misguided hippies still contributed heavily to the program of white genocide. America was never a perfect nation but (‘spiritually’) it was so much better BEFORE the Jewish social… Read more »