The Solar Storm: Aryan Animals & Cartoon Creatures (9-17-17)

Kyle talks about how White people are being dehumanized and our animalistic urges exploited, human cattle and pets, how cartoon animals are used against us, people dressing up as and identifying as animals, alt furries, bronies, and how our ancestors viewed gods and their animals, berserkers and other blonde beasts, Animal Farm, the Fable of the Ducks and the Hens, and more.

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Snoop Dog and all of the rappers are just about the WORST. The dregs of society. Just absolute worst humanity has to offer. Well, not offer, but impose upon us.


Over the years, I have volunteered at three different animal shelters. I never ceased to be amazed at the dogs. They were absolutely incredible and a joy to be around. So many of them overcame unbelievable abuse and neglect. The people were something else, though. The volunteers were absolute psychos and shitbags for the most part. There was one volunteer creature named Jesse, and everybody called him creepy Jesse. Turns out the piece of caca was a FTM tranny. He/she/it was absolutely horrid to the dogs. That dickless piece of filth can’t be removed from planet Earth soon enough. Sorry to say it, but I much prefer the company of dogs and cats to the overwhelming majority of humans.


Speaking of furries and brony (((pro-White))) celebrities I came across this page on duke’s website. Here you have an anti-White subversive promoting another anti-White subversive. What’s interesting is the picture he chose to go with which is supposedly in anglin’s bedroom.

Foster XL

WTF?!!! 😀


He does like his Asian girlfriends on the jailbait side. Maybe it’s to make them feel more at home.

Astrid The Red

The furry stuff is disgusting…why can’t furries just keep it to themselves? No, they cant because they know deep inside it’s wrong so they have to be constantly reassured. The worst I have seen are “baby furs” furries that are ABDL (Adult baby diaper lovers)

Anyways, great show Kyle. Very interesting.


I had not heard the anti hen before but I enjoyed it , thanks