Solar Storm: Avenging Absurd ‘Anti-Semitic’ Attacks (4-28-19)

Kyle talks about the recent Chabad shooting and how it appears to be yet another example of war being waged via deception, what Chabad really thinks of the “goyim”, and some other recent stories that provide some context for this event. He also takes a call from Southern Seamstress to discuss the Noahide laws and more.

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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

A hoax shooting on the last day of pesach, bookstore disruption, Trump’s scripted lines and the usual holohoax back story. Put all these scenes together and you have the ideal Saturday afternoon matinee. I’ll get the tickets, you grab two toilet cleaner liquids and the kosher buttered pop-corn!

The Bull
4 years ago

When I heard the name of the “shooter” it made me think of the character on the Andy Griffith show named Earnest T. He was a little nut running around breaking widows with rocks. Kyle cracks me up when he does his jewy voice lol!

4 years ago

Hahaha your jew voice is spot on.

Also another tiny detail i would like to point out in his manifesto was that he exclusivley associated the word terrorist with arab muslims. I find that strange considering he is suppose to be jew wise and as a jew wise person he should know jews are the biggest terrorists out there but through propaganda and Mossad proxies like ISIS, they have projected their terrorist nature unto muslims to make people asscoiate terrorists with only muslims.

I find that to be another Mossad fingerprint.

4 years ago

Fantastic broadcast. I’m loving the multi-pronged insight I get from visiting both Renegade Tribune and Renegade Broadcasting.

4 years ago

Great show. Things are really reaching the tipping point. I find it interesting that “clown world” has become a widespread meme recently. I know you didn’t invent it but you’re the first one I heard using it regularly last year sometime. Now it’s exploded onto the social media space. Seems renegades message has legs!

4 years ago

Where oh where might I find myself a companion such as, Southern Seamstress!?!💜

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