Solar Storm: Battling Against the Forces of Judenheim (2-9-20)

Kyle speaks about the Jotnar of Norse mythology and how they appear to the “red jews” who usher in the apocalypse of Ragnarok.

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Anthony Roberts

We have to wake our people to the fact that jewish supremacists control all of academia, at present. Nuggets like these “jotnar” and other written accounts of jewish subversion, will soon be erased from every learning source. These beings are indeed the modern day book-burners!

Homeschooling your children can help preserve ancestral knowledge of Aryan heroes, our meaningful symbols and what their future can be. Every White child needs to know the power is within them to stop this genocide, but also have to be on their guard daily for deceptive giants and those “naughty vampires.”

PS Thanks Kyle and caller. Is it possible that the Mongolian races of today, are controlled by these Red jews? Perhaps like our folk, they just don’t know it.


That was really interesting Kyle… reminds me, I have a theory that the term “goblins” came from the Sir name Gobelin. Two brothers from 1470 that ran a sweat shop called the “Gobelin Factory” and were supposedly French Netherland people. They forced who knows how many hoards of people tortured till their fingers bled to make tapestries for Royalty and the wealthy. Lots of these fairy tales the more you look are meant to warn of these kinds of people. The more I look, it seems that the majority of folklore today is coming out of the scholars surrounding the Vatican. They are the ones that are trying to control the fairy history and what we see today being published. I have spied with my… Read more »


Bog /Бог means ”god” in Old Bulgarian and in some so-called ”slavic” languages and ”gob” lin is the opposite .


As someone dedicated to Freyja, *I* have always spoken of Folkvangr, the field of the folk. Her “hall” is actually not a hall at all, but a ship (in keeping with her father’s domain), Sessrumnir, or the place of many seats. Given that she is not included in the Voluspa’s depiction of Ragnarok and the death of the gods, and that she is elsewhere said to be the only surviving god, it may be inferred that her people sail right around the end of the world to the other side. Also of note is that the Vanir are NOT descended from the devourers, unlike the invading Aesir and their dedication to war and deception (see the building of the walls of Asgard and tell me… Read more »


In Bulgarian mythology, Judi (also Judi-Samovili) is an evil female spirit with a human appearance, akin to the samodivi and villas. They inhabit forests and mountains and are characteristic of the beliefs of the Bulgarians.

The JUdi/ Jews have great magical abilities, dealing with herbs and poisoning. Sometimes they appear to young men, fascinate them with their beauty and make them marry them. If a man marries Judah, he abducts his soul in the world of the dead, Nav, and his body withers and dies. In order to protect themselves from the Judi/ Jews in some parts of Bulgaria, men wore leaves of a necktie, basil, white commune or wormwood sewn to their belts or covers. These plants were believed to repel evil spirits.


Horst and Tur in the Age of the Fall.The Age of the Fall is the end time in the mythological eschatologies of the Old Bulgarians. The age of ”fire and smoke”, the age of ”bloodshed and mischief ”, the age of ”greed and grief”, the age ”when horsmen will ride no more ”, ” the trecherous age” , ”The age of giants and snakes”. At the end of that age ( in some tales after thousands of years ) the Great Hala ( dragon Hala Allah ? ) will lead hordes of evil snake demons knowns as judi or judaini ( jews).The leaders of the White gods ( Alp-Devi or Alp-Azzier) Tur and his twin brother Horst will defend the White fortress (Bolgrad). In the… Read more »


There’s definitely a comparison between Titans and Jotunn. Both beget the gods/olympians, and both were warred against by their children. So I don’t believe that Jotunn/Titan = jew 100%. Perhaps the jews are more closely ”related” to them, or perhaps, they’re a failed attempt at man, and if Greek mythology is more correct, then that would in theory mean that a Titan, perhaps Prometheus, made this mistake, and now Titan/Jotunn kind are forever held responsible for the jew. Loki is comparable to Prometheus. For Prometheus, although a Titan, sided with the Olympians, and he’s known as being a ”trickster”, though unlike Loki, he’s known as being the creator of man and the giver of the flame, for which he was punished for. Now why the… Read more »


Mime in Wagner’s Siegfried is another obvious description of the Jew.. and even the ways which unsuspecting Aryan youth ( and sadly even adults ) might champion qualities of the Jew. We should also note how similar the word Mime is to “meme”.

The dialogue in the second part this clip is an example.


Rus from Old Norse means ”red” but in Old Bulgarian means ”blond” Tartarus


Also in the book ”Vril – the power of the coming race” the inhabitance of the underworld were redish in color