The Solar Storm: Bita Wolfram – Achieving Holistic Health in a Toxic Time (2-4-18)

Kyle speaks to Bita Wolfram about boosting immunity and dealing with sickness naturally, what belongs in one’s natural apothecary, the Macrobiotic diet, some other tips for living well, and why RH- blood is important.

Note: Bita’s sound quality improves at the 30 minute mark, so don’t turn it off because of audio frustrations.

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Down with Aryan fruit, veg, starches and nuts! Up with Muh jewish meat, transvest fats, white-flour-sharia and the pastryarchy. Get wimmen back by the stove, i say!

Only joking folks. Having given up dairy for 6mths, i have definitely had fewer mood swings; even in this slave environment we find ourselves in.

PS Thank you Bita and Kyle for this wonderful info. Please support Sinead, Renegade and your health at:

Good for you, man. I personally haven’t touched dairy in over a decade. Aside from cheese, I never liked dairy that much and even then, cheese was probably the easiest thing for me to cut off when I went fully plant based.

I was turned on to this great presentation in the chat a few months ago that talks about dairy addiction, and in particular; cheese.

Dairy, rightly pointed out by Kyle, definitely helped our Folk survive and get sustenance at some point but now, it’s just entirely erroneous. We have access to Almond, Cashew, Hemp, Rice and Pea milk now which are all so much more healthy and beneficial.

The bottom line is this: there is no “moral” argument for being vegan since clearing fields to plant the gigantic amounts of plant foods most vegans eat destroys the natural habitats of and murders many thousands of small animals. After that, the argument degenerates into “Bbbbbbut we kill fewer animals than you carnivores and omnivores” and all of that silly nonsense which is the same as two rapists trying to virtue-signal the relative level of their innocence. The only argument should be whether it is healthy for humans to have a vegan diet or an omnivorous one. If eating plants was healthier and massacred FAR MORE animals than being omnivore at the same time, it would STILL be the right diet to eat. Human health… Read more »
I skipped through this rant and it has to be the one of the most ill informed opinions I have ever seen. I mean your moral argument alone lacks even a basic understanding of reality. I almost want to hit you, to see if I can move some of that cholesterol clogging up your blood to your brain. Its not “magic” that allows our livers to produce cholesterol its just biology. Can you show me a study that show Vegans don’t produce enough Cholesterol? All I have seen show that although we have overall lower cholesterol the difference was mostly in low density lipoproteins, where as high density lipoproteins were the almost identical in vegans and meat eaters alike. It may sound absurd to you,… Read more »

The body does produce cholesterol but only if healthy according to a hardcore vegan. So major stress or sickness could leave you short making the situation even worse. It can be rectified but is something to be aware of. This woman wasn’t and suffered a while because of it.

If you are not healthy then you are unhealthy, this by definition suggests you are suffering from some ailment or another, vegan or not. If you are unhealthy, whatever you dietary preference I would suggest trying to find the root cause and rectifying it.

That’s the thing, she didn’t know that her body wasn’t making enough cholesterol. Which caused further problems. It’s something to keep in mind that’s all should you have similar symptoms.

Believe it or not I have zero interest in converting vegans or bashing veganism.

You can look through all my posts and you’ll not find one bashing the vegan diet or lifestyle. I don’t think it’s superior to eating meat but I don’t knock it.

“Look! Gotcha. I found one woman who did not feel good on a vegan diet. Take that, vegans! We need meat!” I know that’s what you’re essentially saying, and trying to justify your diet as being healthy. It’s not. If you read to the end, she solved her problems with a vegan solution. Want me to provide 6 million examples of people who eat meat and experience 6 million problems because of it?

This is attacking veganism:

All my previous posts were simply misinterpreted by vegans getting defensive about their diet choice. I’m not anti-vegan the way you and the rest of the vegan population are anti-meat. I don’t criticise your choice or claim that eating meat is healthier. It hasn’t hurt me and there’s no history of it ever hurting anyone in my family. I simply consider it normal.

Negentropic: Do you honestly believe White folk look/are healthy on this (((balanced))) meat, dairy, vegs die’t of yours? I’m no researcher (or expert), but just visual evidence alone says we are a sick, dying race. It is all caused by jews controlling our food, water and medicine, plus education.

How can a 7st African woman, surviving on millet porridge and a few root vegs produce 8-10 children? Yet 15st Mrs Smith has to have a life-saving C-section because she can’t deliver that 10-12lbs baby. Trauma, cost, vaccine damage and ill health keep her to just the one, as intended.

The main culprit in western diets is sugar or more precisely way too much of it. Meat is good for you. Eating it is not some jewish conspiracy. It’s normal and Europeans have been doing it for a very long time. Only recently have we been drinking soft drinks though.

This is the problem:

I read the wiki entry for obesity in the US and they cited meat consumption as being the main factor. Especially in fast foods. They conveniently left out the part where people usually wash down the fast food with half a litre of soft drink.

It shortens life? Everyone in my family eats meat and is quite healthy. My grandfather died in his mid nineties, my grandmother is still going strong in her mid nineties. I don’t have the family tree on my mother’s side but on my fathers side most lived till their mid eighties or longer. Of the ones that died younger two died fighting in ww1. Maybe we just have good genes but eating meat certainly doesn’t seem to have hurt our life expectancy.

The first study mentioned that factors other than diet could have contributed to the results found such as vegans being younger and more affluent on average. The second study says this in the first sentence. “There’s nothing wrong with eating meat if you’re doing so in moderation (I for one, will never give up the occasional cheeseburger), but research does show that vegetarians tend to be healthier overall, and even live longer.” I’d like to see a test done only with regulars at a gym of people in a similar age group and race. Basically one where everyone makes a conscious decision on their diet and health in general. Then I’d take the data a lot more seriously. The problems with testing for life expentancy… Read more »
Lets assume most vegans are choosing veganism because they want to be healthy. That’s group one. Group two is everyone else of which only a small minority pay much attention to their diet or health in general. Any random group chosen from within group one is likely to be healthier than a random group from group two. Group one people, being on average a lot more health conscious are going to be doing more exercise, drinking less alcohol, smoking less, consuming less sugar. All these things will lead to overall improved health and longer life. Even if they ate meat as well that would still be the case. Isolating the effect of not eating meat in this case is difficult because of the other variables… Read more »

Mental masturbation or science?

“After adjusting for other factors, such as age, smoking and alcohol consumption, and a history of ever being diagnosed with high blood pressure or conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke the researchers found no evidence that any of the variations of vegetarian diets had a protective effect on early death.”

Vegans were included in with vegetarians but clearly meat isn’t shortening anyone’s lifespan.

I guess not being able to live without cheeseburgers trumps any of the insurmountable evidence that is easily accessible.

And they say ignorance is bliss! Yuck.

Let me start by saying this is a subject I know very little about. But I think the verdict is in on whether or not animal fat is good for your heart and circulatory system. Which diet is most natural to us is only a luxury we can debate when there is plenty. The fact is you will eat whatever you have to, to survive. Insects may have been natural to our diet. But I’m really not interested in eating bugs. The problem I have with this chart as evidence is that Hippos have bigger canines than most if not all carnivores. It seems to me that fangs are more important to fighting and killing than eating.

Hippos have been known to eat meat. It’s not really common but not as rare as once thought.

Hippo’s kill more humans than any other wild animal. Just adding to your comment. Have a great 2018.

No reputable contributer here has ever said that meat-eating is a “jewish conspiracy” so that’s a total (and typical) straw man that didn’t need to said. Also saying that it’s probably just the soft drink is a very weak argument considering that statistics aren’t dealing with meat ONLY eaten from fast-food joints. Not saying soft drinks aren’t a problem as they most certainly are. However, both the meat AND the soft drink, especially combined, can be contributing factors. Throwing the statement “meat is good for you” out there like that pretty much destroys your credibility in one quick move. It’s just like all the mainstream articles we see saying “coffee is good for you” – there’s an equal number of articles saying “coffee is bad… Read more »

Oh and following up “meat is good for you” with “it’s normal…” is pretty funny! Thanks for the chuckle! “Normal” is usually the standard that is widely accepted by the vast majority of people so by that standard there is a whole array of “normal” things we could put up there with meat-eating. TV-watching is probably the most “normal” thing that people do. Voting-in corrupt politicians every few years in most countries is pretty “normal”. How about drinking tap water full of added chemicals like chlorine & fluoride – yep, pretty “normal”! And the list goes on but let’s stop beating around the bush & just spell it out plain & simple – “normal” most definitely does not equal “good”.

You’re learning my friend. I try to educate pro-Whites to be aware of words used by anti-Whites at all times. Using the word normal was quite deliberate…and correct. 🙂 It’s true that what most people do isn’t always correct but eating meat is an (almost) universal dietary practice going back as far as recorded history for all races. We aren’t talking about some passing fad or quirky behaviour. Maybe at some point it wasn’t normal for humans to eat meat. No one really knows. If humans were all vegans at one time then the question is ‘what happened to change that’? Assuming it happened while humans were a lot more primitive what caused them to change? What caused veganism to become not “normal”? Was there… Read more »

“You’re learning my friend…”
I’d stop now if I was you. The more bullshit you spew out the more it confirms what a bullshit artist douchebag you are. I had you pegged as such ages ago – I’m sure most others did too.

You can think of me as a douchebag or whatever. I’m not a very good bullshit artist though. That’s more of an anti-White thing. If you think I am in that camp you still have more to learn. It’s an important skill for everyone to pick out trolls from the real thing. Even if you do think they are douchebags.

What industry isn’t controlled by Jews? They have had the fed for over 100 years. Creating the fed was literally giving jews a license to print money. With that power they bought up everything of real value not just the meat industry.

Someone did say (((balanced))) diet which includes meat, dairy etc. That clearly infers eating meat as being part of some jewish plot to kill us.

I’m not saying it’s probably just the softdrink doing most of the damage. I’m telling you for a fact that is the major problem. The obesity problem with sugar is the insulin response your body has. You eat a meal lets say a burger. Your body starts digesting. You drink a soft drink to wash it down. The insulin response from the high blood sugar levels tells your body it doesn’t need the energy from the burger. So it stores it as fat instead of using it. That’s not the only problem with high sugar consumption but the most noticable.

Don’t forget the refined wheat of hamburger and hot dog buns, which is essentially “sugar” (empty carbs) as well.

And eating grains is far from some “Jewish conspiracy”, that’s ridiculous. European peasantry survived on bread for ages as a staple food source. In fact in some ethnic traditions if piece of bred fell to the flood, farmer kissed it, after picking it up, as a symbol of respect. Of course that wasn’t modern bread, but home made peasant bread, that contained far more fiber, vitamins and various other micro-nutrients and it wasn’t always made from wheat either.

Dairy consumption unlike meat isn’t something universal among human societies. It’s more a European thing.

The fact that non-Whites have such high rates of lactose intolerance compared to Whites suggest that at one stage we were the same. If so then people able to handle lactose had an evolutionary advantage passing on that trait.

“The fact that non-Whites have such high rates of lactose intolerance compared to Whites suggest that at one stage we were the same.”
Wha…? You keep proving over & over that your “logic” is all fucked up! I suggested earlier you stop digging that hole you’re in but we’re losing sight of you now…

Instead of insulting me you could try actually explaining how my logic is all fucked up. That is if you have an actual argument instead of just an emotional response to me posting.

We are different from non-Whites obviously but the basic biology is the same.

I think it’s safe to say that our distant ancestors didn’t drink milk or consume dairy before they had learnt to domesticate animals.

Whites have not always been drinking the milk of other species. Their lactose intolerance rates at that time would likely have been the same as non-Whites now who have historically low dairy consumption levels.

Here is a more technical explaination of lactose tolerance growing over time in a population:

Dogmatism kills 🙂

If that is the case, then, what does catmatism do?

Good show. Thanks for airing this…

Meat, in today’s world, is not good for you.
Our ancestors long ago ate meat with great respect and consciousness. Food was blessed and prayer was offered; it was considered holy and people ate what they needed and made use of the skins and hide. There were no factory farms.
There were no artificial hormones or plastic wrap.

Rituals of yore invoked gratitude and the “graces”. This is an important element missing from our culture.
We don’t need meat to survive today. Animals, so deeply attuned to this earth, deserve respect.

Hemp seeds are great nutrition.

Fasting is one of the absolute best things you can do for your body. Fasting one day a week is a great idea. Three days fasts are my favorite, but you really have to get your mind in the right place to commit to one. I have done a five day fast in the past, which I found very difficult on day five. I will try one again soon. Fasting is so good for your body, because it gives the organs a rest. Even better, on extended fasts your body is producing a massive number of stem cells which repair damaged areas. Fasting is not just good for the body, it’s amazing for the mind. I don’t understand exactly how it works, but your mind… Read more »

Whole Foods is not the place to get your organic fruit and vegetables.

If anything HeathenVegan’s position on logistics is pretty landslide in the argument against meat. I eat meat, I don’t have to, but in terms of natural availablilty meat would not be as prolific in a natural setting as it is in this jewlistic shitmare.

Greetings folk: At the end of the chat, I mentioned percentages of Whites with RH negative blood. I mispoke in regards to the equations, but nevertheless the percentages were correct. Below are the percentages: White population on Planet: 11.5% A- (6%) .0069 O- (7%) .0080 B- (2%) .0023 AB- (1%) .0011 Also, when we were discussing dairy and Whites having more tolerance of dairy foods than other races is because Whites are the oldest race. Other races such as Africans and Asians have a history of fermented dairy (yogurt, kefir, cheese, etc.) consumption, but this fact is rarely noted. Of course fermented dairy is easier to digest because it is partially broken down. Dairy was a food of famine; something our ancestors utilized during the… Read more »
If only there was a Renegade data-base on this subject. I mean we could refer animal-eaters to those pages where this topic was covered in depth. Of course, on-going and open discussion is welcome but the older comments are great resources with much to draw upon. Anyhow, I’ll just add that for me, the main point is suffering. If your part of any endeavor that brings suffering to any innocent living thing, you are adding pain to life. I do not see that as moving forward. That said, I do know there are some cruelties that are unavoidable, especially in situations of critical survival circumstances, but the greater part of the suffering induced is just to satisfy a learned habit.

ps: Please don’t kill me for spelling “you’re” incorrectly. Jeez.

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Thing is, my ego is too big. Could not possibly live with someone thinking me ignorant.

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