The Solar Storm: Blackbird9 – Semitic Spying Operations (9-18-16)


Kyle speaks with Frederick C. Blackburn of Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club about his experience training intelligence agents, what he learned about Israeli spying infrastructure and operations, his activities as a whistleblower, the Snowden revelations, internet censorship efforts, and current events related to the US presidential election and geopolitical turmoil in Syria.

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I have a very similar background to Blackburn except I worked in the belly of the joo beast in the semiconductor industry and I was also blacklisted and got a crystal clear message about my health but I took the sheckels to keep my mouth shut; who would I tell? I hated these fuckers, especially the ones from israhell. All I care to share, at this time and it is fast approaching, connect the dots; pentium and newer intel processors, chip-sets and on-board USB hardware are designed by joos in israhell and spy on us independent of spy-ware, anti-virus or other software. The data is compressed and sent to some damn place. I trained engineers to inspect the chips in factories across the world and… Read more »


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“IT’S THE MEXICANS!!! America has been infiltrated and overrun by the MEXICANS!” ~ Alex Jones


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Greetings all!!

A big ol’ “North Cackilacki Thank You!!!” to Mr. Kyle Hunt and the Renegade Broadcasting krew for having me back on the show last night.

That was a lot of fun.

Here are a couple of items mentioned in the show that some of you might find of interest:

“What Happens When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object?”

“Zionism is a Racist and Sexist Centralized MASTER/slave System”

I put together this “9-11 For New Beezzz” playlist that some of you might find useful in your “Wake Up – Level Up” outreach efforts.

“New Bee Knowledge Sphere – 911 TRUTH”

– bb9

You and Kyle gave us a significant broadcast, and for that I thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. Also do appreciate your giving us these links, and I will go there. Powerful!


“Computrace” or what now is more famously known as “Lojack” is another backdoor firmware that is coded into the BIOS (ROM or Read-Only Memory) of almost all the personal computers in production since the 90’s.
Here’s a thorough and technical lecture on “Computrace”:
And to my research, the only brand of computers that lack this crapware is:


Great show. 2 sharp people talking 2 hours ! Little donation on its way


Yes, this is another classic. The last part is especially insightful. This programming psy-war is really fking perverse. BUT! Once discovered and noted: forever revealed and known.


Here’s a more concise clip on “Computrace”:


That lecture, is a metaphor for how the j()() takes over the Nation States. Listen again and imagine it not as a practical lecture but as a story or description of the parasite infection


Apocalyptic show bud. So good that this is coming out. The spell is deep, but persistent exposure will help break the spell.


Great show!