Solar Storm: Bolsheviks Are Burning Down the House (9-13-20)

Kyle and Sinead discuss current events in America, some geopolitical happenings, and the different ways our efforts are sabotaged.

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2 months ago

excellent talking points as usual, wouldn’t expect anything less.

Anthony Roberts
2 months ago

This chaos magick, unleashed by the jewish supremacists who control every nation, has been planned for decades; just like the 9/11 plane-less false flag event.
Besides all the things you both mentioned, there are also the constant ‘induced’ earthquakes (we even had one in the U.K. last week), and also their worldwide dam-busting agenda. Oh and things are heating up in the China sea, too. All very biblical in staging, methinks.

P.S. Very good show and talking points – thank you. All we can do is keep trying to get the WHOLE truth out, so White folk have a genuine ‘great awakening’.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
2 months ago

If you recollect there was an explosion or a large fire in the parking garage of one of the former twin towers in 1993, in light of the 9/11 incident I have often thought that was some sort of trial run for the main event.

Dysfunctional Veteran
Reply to  William
2 months ago

A friend of mine, Rudy Dent, was a member of the FDNY when that bombing took place, and again on 9/11 (after the twins were “hit”, but he witnessed WTC-7’s Controlled Demo).

Nick keith
2 months ago

Youtube weatherwar101
Its alot to take in but man o man is it worth it.

Robert Heimdal
2 months ago

I don’t know if you have checked this “free speech” platform: Brand New Tube

Dysfunctional Veteran
2 months ago

Good show guys.
“Kill A commie For Mommy”-US Army Slogan (80’s, when I was in).

2 months ago

Another excellent show, Kyle!
Charles and yourself have been in rare form lately.
I like that you keep the programmes to one hour, short and punchy
but filled to the brim with knowledge

In Gratitude
2 months ago

Would someone please help me to identify the man sitting next to Joe Biden in this one minute video? I think it’s Adam Schiff. Thank-you so much for all you do!

2 months ago

What did our ancestors think of body hair on women? I get really hairy too. I have never shaved my pubic hairs but lately I quit shaving anything. I have a lot of leg hair but I don’t see how our ancestors would shave without razors. Now all the razor companies are owned by SJW’s. What does Sinead do? She’s said things that seemed pro and anti-shaving. I think women shaving body hairs is a jewish plot.

Einfach Ist Am Besten
Reply to  Tammy
2 months ago

We all get it but that’s a little too much information there Tammy – keep it to yourself next time!

Reply to  Tammy
2 months ago

Why do you care what I do with my body? You do you, Tammy.

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