The Solar Storm: Chabad to the Bone (12-24-17)

Kyle reads articles related to the recent commutation of Rubaskhin, and gets into the many ties between Trump, Putin, Netanyahu and Chabad Lubavitch, which is a mafia organization.

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Rollie Quaid

I really enjoyed this podcast. Thanks, Kyle.


Jew president Donald Drumpf has made the deployment of 5G a top national security priority. These fuckers are serious about wiping out the “goy”. Literally millions of antennas emitting 24 – 100 Ghz will be deployed around the country. You may well find one in your back yard or even on your house. The millimeter waves in the 24 – 100 Ghz range are particularly damaging to the skin and eyes. How lovely. You may well sustain serious eye damage just because some douchebag wants to download a high-def movie in under a second.
Thanks, jews!!!!!

Anthony Roberts

Roman Abramovich is feted by the UK puppet gov’t. A protege of Yeltsin and probably a spy. He stole a lot Russia’s wealth, but remember: he saved “muh Chelsea” negroid-ball club, ploughing in 100s of millions. He had wanted Manchester Utd, but Malcolm Glazer beat him to it in 2003. Oy vey, onto 2nd on list.

London has been a convenient money laundering base for him. He is the very epitome of a Russian-jewish scumbag! I think he’s also traded in 3 model wives for his next latest Aryan-looking baby maker. Great info Kyle – cheers!

Ghost Man O; War

The famous pic of Stalin and his little daughter sitting on his right side, left looking at the picture, grew up to marry……..Boris Yeltzin. The fall of Commie was just another sham. They put Yeltzin on tv saying all the right things of course, j tv over there too. Then when revolution broke out to throw out the commies finally, guess who just happened to be “ready” to “help” the people find Freeeeeedom! hhahahaha I mean, “Freeeedom”. A nation with resources like that of Russia doesn’t go broke from tussling with Afghanistan for a while. That’s the reason they said it went broke. Oh brother. Russia could harvest more, A: Coal, or B: Boxite for Aluminum, or C: Timber, or D: Oil OR Gas or… Read more »

Hipster Ray

Also, memories occur of Anglin bashing people who showed connections between Putin and Chabad back before the Trump train thing got started. Perhaps Weev is Anglin’s Chabad handler.

Hipster Ray

Weev working out of Chabad address–

Tony Edward

Let’s face it the only reason we are in a jew hell world is because our own folk are weak, You know it, I know it & the jews know it, I’m sickened by it all, I’ll do what I can but I don’t hold must hope, just walk in any Walmart, or any ball game or military recruiting office etc, not sure what will turn this titanic around? quite honestly I no longer care.

Anthony Roberts

The few of us that are awake to the jews must fight to the end Tony. It is our ancestral duty. They want us to stop caring, surrender and die off. Well F THEM!

Don’t let the external affect your own internal self worth and honour. Keep your spirit “jew free,” until that last breath. Never let them take that!


The Soviet Union once looked unstoppable. Then it fell apart almost without warning. Diversity is way more retarded than communism and will fall apart too.

Hipster Ray

Wow. I never fully explored Chabad as the glue that binds Putin and Trump. Great show.

Alis Freemasonry is what is leading our people with Christianity, Communism ( liberalism and Socialism) to our destruction and to their total control of the world


The disgusting kike battlefield is the boardroom, the bank, the administration and the jewdicial system. Because they are such congenital cowards their idea of a hunt in the woods is to scam someone LMAO. This is how they have set up their “Empire” and burnish their pride. Their swaggering about how much of a badass they all are, in their movies, their idea of war being making a stock prediction or a cheap deal etc. How embarrassing and sad. Compare that to the vision and true laws of the NSDAP and our Ancestors.

It is a system where they never have to put their lives up for anything, only everyone else’s.


Good stuff. The Jew tribe is an organized crime mafia whether it is political or religious. It includes the hasbara, sayanim, and shabbos goy. Trump is a Jew and a part of this criminal cabal called Judaism.